How to Contact Telstra via Email?

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Both hubby and I are at our wits'end with this Telstra Saga….. And I am at the point of refusing to talk but email instead. Our English is excellent and they seemed to understand us when speaking/chatting.

Been talking to them on the phone and online, since they no longer do emails. They made various errors with our bills: wrong plan being charged despite all the chatscript, took out International Package, wrong Foxtel amount charged despite all the chatscript etc. Each phone call we made might fix one problem after a few weeks, but a new mistake occurred the next time.

We quoted the Reference number they gave us, but they still had to create a new Reference number. It is so frustrating…..

Each call or chat took between 1 hour to 2.5 hours. Multiply that by 6 times in the past 6 months it's really getting ridiculous. And today the bill came in completely "forgotten" all the previous discussion, and put back all the mistakes we spoke and fixed in previous month! Eeerrgh.

Does anyone have an email address for them? We are really sick of talking and chatting.

Thanking you in advance. Looking forward!

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      And if that doesn't resolve it, TIO


      Thanks. Might have to do it if this goes nowhere….


        Just do it. Don't wait.

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        When you lodge a complaint, things are all of a sudden taken very seriously. You will get assigned a case manager and you will get his/her extension number so you will get them when you call. There is a time frame when your complaint should be resolved and things get fixed. Seriously, lodge a complaint and someone with the power to crack the whip will call you.

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    Can you visit a store? Or do they not look after the same products?


      I can but rather not. Don't feel like repeating the story for the 5th time!

      I'm really tired. This recent bill is 3 times of the previous bill which was wrong anyway…

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    Op, pm me your details and I'll get a case manager to manage your issue


    What you are experiencing is completely normal service from Telstra.
    When you first experience this it is very frustrating. Once you lower your expectations of their customer service agents and their whole backend operations, things get easier to cope with.
    They are completely incompetent to an absolute astounding proportion but you can work that to your advantage.

    Usually the customer service agents will acknowledge the issue but they dont know how to fix it, they will never ever admit this and the action they take never corrects anything or makes it worse.
    This is normal Telstra service.

    This is what Ive done twice when they cant rectify it. I think you should try it.

    Ask for the total difference in what they are charging over the term of the contract and what you should be paying, to be credited to your account as a lump sum.
    eg if you should be paying $20/month for Foxtel and they are charging you $45 on a 12 month contract, ask for $300 account credit($25 a month times 12 months) and you will pay $45/month for the remainder of the contract. Most of them seem to be able to do this and while not ideal, you will effectively end up paying in total what you should.

    I have done this twice, once with Foxtel and another time on the internet package. Both times after all the credit was used up, for whatever reason the bill automatically reduced to the correct contracted amount so I ended up better off.

    Try that or lodge a Telstra complaint then go to TIO. Always state in your Telstra complaint that you will go to the TIO if they refuse to honour the terms of your contract. Telstra have to pay for the TIO investigation and it almost always costs more than the disputed amount, in a case they will never win, so it gets escalated to someone who does have the competence to fix things.


      Not sure why you got negged. I'd like to give you a big thanks for writing. We both won't like to do it but out of desperation and when I run out of options, I might consider it. Will try the Complaint route first.

      Note also that I've been a shareholder for over 10 years, not long after I became a customer. They were very good then…..

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