Courier Please Hasn't Delivered My 10 Baggages/Boxes Yet


Recently we moved from Canberra to Adelaide and organised courier of my 10 baggages/boxes with Courier Please priority service via Transdirect Couriers via 2 tracking/consignment numbers. The items were rightly picked on 12th March and ETA was 15 March Friday yet I haven't received the items.

The last update on online tracking shows as follows for all 10 labels:

12 Mar 2019 11:20 am 0247(sydney) 1 item has been picked up
12 Mar 2019 1:12 pm 0247(Sydney) 1 item is in transit (Sydney - Melbourne)

We have been calling Courier Please every day since Monday 18/03 and received standard response as "Once we do receive any update or response, our Resolution Team will contact you as soon as possible. Apologies for the inconvenience"

We have contacted Transdirect Courier as well as of Tuesday 19/03 and received following response today 21/03 :

"We have lodged an investigation with our carrier, and we will continue to monitor its progress.
Please note that these investigations can take a minimum of 24-72 hours, as they often require Multiple location Depot Searches. Once we receive an update on the investigation, or if we require any further information, we will let you know. If you have any questions please reply to this email."

The items were daily usage household items (clothes, utensils) and electronics and dental examination materials. The cost of items would be easily in excess of $10000. My wife dental examination materials were also part of courier which is next month. She is already suffering anxiety now as the new dental material would cost us above of $10000 and her exams are next month.

The courier came with insurance but only upto $1000 per consignment and does not include household materials.

I would like to know what are my rights as consumer?

As the items haven't arrived, can i purchase the new items and ask them to compensate? can I go to Consumer affairs Canberra/Adelaide ?

In case items are lost, considering they wont pay me thousands of dollars. As a last resort can I take legal action against them for non delivery of service?

Please reply

Warm regards

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    I would like to know what are my rights as consumer?

    You have a right to seek redress from the company, spanning from a simple request to them through to taking civil court action.

    The possible results of those actions are an entirely different question.

    As the items haven't arrived, can i purchase the new items and ask them to compensate?

    Of course you can. Per above, whether or not they do compensate you is a separate matter.


    There's a kangaroo on the freeway and it's not budging.


    I think your legal options are limited at this stage. I wouldn't presume compensation. Maybe there was a weather delay or whatever. I wouldn't start stressing for another week.


    Have you tried seeking compensation? Let me know how it goes. We do a lot of volume through them but they just give you a run around when making a claim. While you are doing that the item usually turns up. The one time it didn't it showed up 2-3 months later while the claim was still being processed.


    I’ve never thought to move house using a courier. Is it cheaper?


      we didnt had furnitures to move. we had like 3 check in baggages, 3 carry on and 4 boxes each weighing between 20 to 25 kg.


    Any update OP?

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      Yes .. apologies for late update I thought I am not getting response as didnt received any email notifications.

      They delivered parcel on 25th March via some other local company in Adelaide. The guy who delivered even said they are unreliable and shouldn't be used for other than small parcels. we were lucky to receive our consignment in one piece.

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