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AV Receivers Yamaha RXV685($698.85) / RXV1085($1370.85) / RXV2085($1730.85), Pioneer VSX933($690.85) Delivered @ Videopro eBay

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  • Just bought a VSX-932 yesterday. But i cant justify the extra $155 and plus my cabinet wont fit with the enlarged case of the 933. Nonetheless, good deal for the 933. Some people would benifit with the extra features for the extra money. It's the cheapest i've seen since the last jb hifi deal.

  • Thanks grababargain, that's the best price I've seen for the V685 to date. Been waiting to replace one toasted in a power surge from all the storms we've been having.

  • just measured my cabinet and it is 170mm height, all these receivers are 171 or 173 in height ! back to the drawing board.

    • Yeah, normal receivers are very bulky in dimension. I have problem with the depth in buying av receivers. Unless you go with a slim model. But slim models are usually 50watts @8ohms 2ch driven of power only as opposed to a VSX932 or 933 80w @ 8ohms.

      • i was really happy to get either of the ones listed, but short by 3 mm !!

        • Here's an idea, perhaps you can take off the feet of the avr and put a rubber/foam padding on all four corners. That way, you get the height clearance that you need. I did that on my denon avr last time and it's just a simple screw to take it off. Then, buy external usb powered computer fans for air circulation in the cabinet and you should be sweet.

          • @Volution: cheers, i didnt know the legs come off, because i actually have more room in the cabinet, it has a frame around the front, so potentaily take legs off and put them back on. gather they must screw on and off?

            • @blackwalnut: On my denons, it's just a simple screw. One screw for each ends. I'd imagine it will be the same with any receiver as the feets are just plastic feets screwed to the chassis.