expired [XB360] Avatar The Last Airbender: The Burning Earth $4.49 @ Xbox (Gold Membership Required)


Do you have $5 left in your digital wallet? Want to kill a few minutes of boredom and obtain 1000 Gamerscore points too? Well, you're in luck!

Avatar TLA: The Burning Earth is no doubt THE easiest game to get all achievements of all time (equivalent to getting a Platinum trophy on the PS3/4), and for $4.49, how could you go wrong? Heck, it even got decent reviews as a third-person platformer - not that most of us have played past the first 5 minutes.

Catch is, you'll need an active Xbox Gold membership to get the low price. Trial codes (2, 7, 14-day, etc.) won't work, only 1+ months will.

Otherwise, the next cheapest copy is probably from eBay at around $20 posted, but then again, it's eBay.


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    Ah yes, this infamous game. The community used to check peoples accounts and disregard 1000GS if you had this in your library.


    Not a part of backwards compatibility on Xbox One :(


    LMAO memories back in year 10 sharing this game between my friends group to get that gamerscore, good times!


    I did have 5 bucks on there, but instead I bought Catherine and Just Cause 1.

    I may own both of them on other platforms already, but I still think I came off better than buying this game.

    -Former Trophy Whore.

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