Airport lounge access on arrival at NRT?

I'm flying into Tokyo, NRT airport with the family from SIN on Singapore business class.
On arrival are we able to access the ANA lounge (Krisflyer partner lounge) with our ticket, or do you need boarding pass for another flight?

Just that we are arriving early and shower and a meal will be nice in the lounge if we can avail.



    I've never been turned away yet from a star alliance lounge after a flight. As long as it physically possible to access the lounge.
    Their policy states however, you need to have a ticket that departs from that airport.


    If you have onward flight from Tokyo, then you can use the lounge before your next flight. If your last stop is Tokyo, then you need to go through immigration and customs and won't be able to get back in the terminal to use the lounge.


    This. Some airports if not most, have separate departing and arrival halls. You need onwards boarding pass to re enter the departure hall. Not sure about NRT. I suspect not because ANA has an arrival lounge in NRT but it is only available for guests arriving on ANA flights only.

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