Nerf Ball Guns in Sydney

I have an 8 yo who wants for his bday those nerf guns that shoot the round balls rather than the darts.

Kmart, target only carry the dart type nerf guns

Anyone know a good Nerf ball gun store in Sydney??



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    You won't find many of these in Aust and anyone selling them are likely doing so illegally. They're not available here because they didn't meet our strict safety regs and are so are essentially banned from sale. You may be able to personal import them (but check that with customs) but they can't be sold locally.

    BTW did you know we get a lower power version of the Nerf dart blasters than the US and likely most of the world (yes, our Nerfs are nerfed). That's why they're allowed. Power was reduced to meet our laws. This can't or wasn't done with the Rival series hence not available here.

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      Fun fact - you can disassemble the Nerf gun and buy a stiffer spring. As long as the plastic housing can hold the spring, you can increase the firing distance a fair bit. I managed to get mine to fire >30m in a sports complex with a standard dart firing at 1m parallel above ground. Almost double with a weighted dart (leadshot hot glued into the foam head).

      I also made a brass housing to hold a stiffer spring (almost as hard to load as a 14mm band speargun). That went >100m on the controlled shot with weighted dart.

      Then I also printed out a honeycomb structure with brass reinforcement and using compressed air rather than plunger. The foam dart popped.

      So we made the darts out of pressed EVA and a leadshot… We were shooting end to end on footy fields on windy days.


    thanks for answering. Banned in OZ, that explains why I cant find them in Target, Kmart and Hobbyco.


      I thought why that would be, as balls might be safer. I guess it's because they are easy to replace with dangerous things,

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