Home And Land Package questions?

Hi Everyone,
In September 2017 i signed a contract for a home and land package, assuming i would take advantage of new government reforms for first home owners after July 2017 i.e $10000 grant, no stamp duty for homes up to $650000, no premium on LMI when borrowing more than 80%.

However due to our land and construction being separate contract, I had to pay stamp duty for my land when it was registered in August 2018. Now I am in building stages of my home and was wondering if I am eligible to claim the FHOG now during building stages? or usually that is after building finishes? Furthermore does the abolished 9% insurance premium on Lender's mortgage insurance applies to me since I technically bought a home and land package but it turns out to be two separate contracts instead so a land contract and building contract?

any help would be great
thank you !