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Hi guys I'm looking for an induction cooktop of a decent quality and good value. Started doing some research online but when looked at Bosch that was quite expensive. This left me wondering if it is worth switching from electric cooktop to induction cooktop.Did search for some deal on OzBargain but could not find anything.
In previous houses I used to have gas cooktops. But this particular house does not have gas supply.
I'm looking for an induction cooktop.
Requesting help from community to identify a good value induction cooktop. And also looking forward for your feedback and experiences with induction cooktops.
Many thanks



    First check if your cooktop wiring circuit can handle the amount of current the induction cooktop needs. Might not be worth getting one if you need to upgrade the wiring.

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    32A should suit most 4 burner induction cooktops.

    Mostly all inductions are expensive, also expensive out of warranty to repair. Some brands of induction can play up with solar power so just FYI. Pick something that has a decent warranty period.

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    Induction cooktops are the best - i wouldn't go for anything else now.
    i can highly recommend Neff. expensive though

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    Wife and I do all our cooking on a single portable induction cooker on top of our electric cooktop! They are that much better I'd prefer a single induction over 4 normal electric elements. Not kidding.


    Thanks will check if I can afford it.


    Any comments on this one… From Bosch..

    Neff seems way out of my budget. I can probably convince my missus for this one.

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    1. Try to find one with metal frame all around the 4 edges. Unprotected glass edges seem to be prone to chipping due to accidental bumps. I know that Miele and AEG have models with metal frame. Let me know if you find other brands. I think Bosch has one with only top and bottom (or was it left/right) metal frames, but the other edges are unprotected. Not good enough for me.

    2. We bought a 60cm (wide) unit with 4 hobs. Regretted this and wished we bought a 3 hob unit with one larger hob instead. The hobs on the 4 hob unit are small, so if you have a large frying pan (e.g. 28-30cm), the outer egdge will be colder, and you'll have to turn things around more than you have to in order to get an even frying. The only one I know that I like is AEG (with metal frame) but it's a bit expensive (over $2k).

    3. Checkout https://euappliances.com/ - I bought my induction cooktop from them. It was far cheaper than local, including shipping. It came in a strong wooden box on the outside so there's very minimal risk of damage due to shipping. I have been using mine for more than 3 years now, still works fine.

    Good luck and let us know what you're going to get.



    I remembered reading something about EUApplainces a few years ago.

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