Is There a Cheap Place to Restring Racquets? North Shore Sydney/Australia

Looking for a cheap place to string my racquet. I am around the North Shore/City.

My string of choice is Technifibre Multifeel - about as durable as Prime Ministers in Australia.

Right now TopServe wants to charge me $40 for just the stringing service (and I provide the strings)

Anyone know of a cheaper place to string racquets?

Also, do you trust tennis shops with a whole reel? Math says if I buy a 200m reel is much cheaper, but I'm worried the string shop might say take some of the string and string someone else's racquet with my reel. Does this happen and should I be worried?


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    The bloke is kind and helpful. I will trust him. Not sure about cheap or not but should be fairly competitive.


      I asked a tennis friend and they said that they got it done from Baker's for $15 (you provide strings).

      Thanks! I'll try it out.

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    Decathlon. $15 if it is one of their racquet brands. $20 if it is not one of their racquet brands. Strings sold separately. Fitting done Monday to Friday.
    I know this because I had the same query today and rang a few stores! :) :)

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    The Merchant of Tennis in Beecroft have good reviews on Google, but I can't attest to their price.

    Re: buying a reel - I bought a reel once but I had them cut into lots of racquets' worths. I kept the lots at home, and when it came time for a restring, I would take a lot and my racquet. I wouldn't keep a reel I bought at the store

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