Best Ironing Board?

Out ironing board, a big one I got from ALDI a number of years ago, suddenly came apart at the weld on one of the legs and collapsed. Weirdest thing seeing the board itself is fine apart from that and it seems a shame to throw it out, I checked out a local repair cafe but they don't have a welder to fix it.

I imagine many will say they're all much of a muchness, but any recommendations for ironing boards, good feature to look for, ones to avoid? Is the Kmart cheapie to be avoided?


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    We found ours on someone's nature strip. Just bought it a new cover, all good.


    The Kmart one is a bit thin. I got a felt pad from Bunnings to make it thicker. The ironing board also has an iron holder which cannot be removed. I find that irritating.

    I found it surprising that good ironing boards are hard to get. I'm tempted to make my own.

    If I were you, I'd look for a place that will weld your old one back. Or maybe buy a tube of JB Weld from Bunnings or something.

    Let me know if you find anything.


    Ironing board cover makes a difference.


    search harder for a local welder to fix it - ask on your local FB information pages


      What about the mens shed?

      probably be cheaper to buy a new one. I know this is a ridiculous waste but that is the world we live in with cheap crap being sold today, it's so often something really simple and small that goes wrong but repairing it is uneconomical.

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    My cafe does not offer welding either. Its a shame, I had to go next door to the newsagency.


    knead it and gaffa tape doesnt work?


    op shop.