Treasury Curve Inversion

So what's everyone doing now since the Treasury curve is inverted??

I hold quite a bit on VGS and NDQ so expecting a huge blood bath on Monday :(

Should I panic sell on Monday before it gets worst in the upcoming weeks / months



    When people panic buy, start buying and vice versa

    Every one panic sold shares in October… I bought quite a bit and sold in jan for an 8 percent gain in 3 months

    If you don’t need it hold on and buy more


      I kinda went "all in" when I bought them at peak in Aug 18 so don't really have much cash left. Then it crashed in Oct - Dec and I waited till now to recover. Now its looking to crash again


        Prolly sell then and rebuy in 3 months least you come out even.

        The money I just made I’ll use to rebuy if goes down, all guess work tho, sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t

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