Scandinavia Trip (Europe) Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway

Hey, looking to head over there and look at the main capital cities, about 10 days, each capital city about 2 days but Stockholm will be 3 and bit days. Early May.

Just miss out on going skiing unless someone knows of a place close by a capital, there some that are opened but takes a 1 hour flights to get there but not really want to go skiing is its not near by.

Any advice on passes, places to visit etc? Love to hear you experiences, was thinking of hiring a car but heard that the public transport is excellent over there.

Thank you


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    Depending how rich you are Avoid Norway, it is $$$$$, I’d recommend Iceland and if you can find a cruise to Faroe island, but that is $$$ too

    Stockholm and Gothenburg are a nice place

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    I've only been to Norway out of those and i agree with the above, super expensive but also amazing. The best thing i suggest for Scandinavian countries is to pay a bit extra for a hotel that includes breakfast and make some sandwiches for the day :D


      Yeah staying at Norway Olso between 6th to the 8th of May, finding it hard to get a hotel around $100 mark for 3 stars, looks like you got to pay about $125 dollars pr night to get something decent, is it worth getting something in Norway central area it self I found something 2km away that looks decent. Just going to be walking around that city, any cheap eats anywhere?


        any cheap eats anywhere?

        For Norway yes. Compared to Australia, no. I stayed in a hostel with a kitchen near a supermarket and cooked for two days.


    I stayed at 2 hotels in Oslo, because it was so busy that i couldn't make a booking in 1 hotel for the whole time we were there. Both were relatively in the center;

    comfort hotel karl johan (no breakfast)
    comfort hotel Borsparken (breakfast included)

    Both hotels were kinda average, the one on karl johan was more modern and had a gym.

    I didn't find ANY cheap places to eat or drink, but i do recommend hiring a bike and riding out to the viking ship museum, you do need to be relatively fit, it's not hard, but there are some hills. There is a bike path most of the way.


    Look at a map of Europe. If u can put ur hand over ‘mainland Europe….. now put ur hand over Scandinavia…. same size! … but a bloomin big lump of water in between making cross over hard and expensive.

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    Norway is no more expensive than Australia if one stay, eat and drink like the locals. Foreign local foods like kebabs are $8 to $10. Hotdogs $2 to $3. Beers are cheaper from supermarket. Don't stay in the CBD. Look for accommodation that 10 to 15 minutes away from the CBD.

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      This is true, however buying a 6 pack and drinking it in your hotel room isn't much of a holiday, you may as well stay home and go to the pub.

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    Take a ferry (Silja/Viking) between Stockholm - Helsinki. It'll save you a night in hotel as well.

    Higly recommended :)

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