Lost Receipt/Cash Purchase - Warranty Issue

Gday Oz

Any suggestions what to do for this?

I bought a philips sonicare diamondclean hx9350 for cash and have lost the receipt. I’m having issues with it and philips need to the receipt to process a replacement under warranty.

Thanks :(


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    Abra cadabra?

  • Keep a folder in a filing cabinet or drawer and automatically place all your receipts in there. That way when something does go wrong you will have the receipt. :)

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      Or use your phone to scan it…

      • Yeah I'm old school but that will work too. :)

    • Not sure why you got a neg. Bottom drawer in the kitchen is what I use for that purpose!

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    Do you know any of the details such as price paid day bought, time. Once you know this you could go back to the shop you bought it and they may be able to find the copy and print a receipt. I did this once at JB Hifi they were able to do this, but Myer couldn't. Myer wanted the time bought too. I only had the day and price paid.

    • Myer should be able to help if you scanned your Myerone card as detailed transactions are recorded with each purchase.

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    Buy a new one, scan the receipt, and then return it. Claim your warranty issue

    • Thanks for telling us how to commit fraud. It's people like you who've screwed up this country.

      • You're correct in pointing out this dishonest behaviour. However,it's prevalent across all cultures.

  • How long ago? Try the store.

  • What store?

  • Take it back to the store and see if they can help. If it wasn't long ago they may remember you. As my partner says this is where getting to know the sales person helps. If you converse with them and build a repour they may help you with the sale at the time and then if you have issues later. Maybe you can get a store credit. You can only try.

  • If it has a serial number then philips will be able to confirm its eligibility for warranty also note even if philips give a one year warranty under australian consume r law (ACL) you may be still entitled to a warranty claim EG if you paid $300 or $400 then you would expect it to last for a few years at least. good luck!

    • Helpful to know, thank you

  • If it's convenient,return to the shop from whence you purchased the item. The staff ought to trace the item for you,and re-issue a written proof of purchase. Secondly, in Australia,you have consumer protection well outside the company product warranty. Don't be bullied by these companies.

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