Can't use Cudo deal, best place to sell it?

I bought a Thai massage coupon from Cudo that my wife no longer wants. Cudo won't refund :-(

Other than gumtree or eBay, has anyone got any suggestions?

I have come across a site called which is just for daily deals and put a free ad there. Has anyone else tried this site?

Is there anything else I should be trying?


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  • Give it to a friend..

    • If I can't sell it, that's my fall back. Although have had some strange looks from friends when I ask if they want a massage ;-)

  • I didn't know about Thanks for that. I would only buy through there if I could pay with a credit card via paypal. And I'd need a discount off price paid, unless it was one of the really hot ones that sold out in a hour.

  • would ppl buy 2nd daily deal vouchers?
    just wondering as their no safety measure, if the voucher has already been used.

    • That's why I would only do paypal with a credit card and it would have to be at a discount. I would be more likely to buy off of ebay than this new site.

  • I hope someone does buy it. :-) No different from anywhere where people are selling, I've bought tickets from ticketman without problems. I always pay the seller via PayPal. If anyone approaches me on this, I would expect them to want to pay me by PayPal too. I like the idea and the site seems legit, there's a write up here (…) which I read first before I decided to give it a try.

  • There are so few vouchers listed that it would also have a small number of potential buyers. Your voucher is time sensitive and is declining in value daily. I'd go ebay if I were you.

    • Trying all free channels before I cough up fees for eBay lol

      • I hear ya, just don;t let it get too close to the date or it'll be worthless, instead of just worth less.

        • +1

          So true. Daily deal sites like OzBargain. Make me spend too much! lol

      • ebay is free if you listed it as classified. (assuming you haven't listed 15 already this month)
        more exposure and i have interstate ppl email to ask if i can post. then u can just do the palpay thing and skip paying ebay fees!

        • Didn't know about the free classifieds on eBay. I thought it was all paid, but has been a while since I posted anything with them. Thanks will check it out.

      • Listing on ebay is like $1. How badly do you want to sell it? :P

  • Doesn't Ozbargain have a swap and sell forum?

    • d'oh! How did I miss that. lol Thanks. :-)

      • So did I! d'oh! I have even used it once to offer free tickets.

  • Interpret this how you will (because I think it's ambiguous and wished they'd bullet point this instead of using lots of commas), but from Cudo's T&C 5.2(e):

    Coupons may not, without the prior written consent of CUDO, be resold or offered for resale, duplicated, used, traded or used for advertising, promotion or other commercial purposes (including competitions and trade promotions) or to enhance the demand for other goods or services.

    (emphasis mine)

    I know from the last time I checked that Spreets has a similar prohibition (but I think theirs is more clearly worded)…

    • Scoopon uses th efact that ANYONE can use your scoopon as a get=out clause. Spreets has said that you can just change the name on the voucher within your email voucher. What about CUDO? Do you know if they have said something similar?

      • that you can let anyone use your scoopon is not the same thing as permission or a get out clause on reselling their vouchers. however since scoopon's T&C don't say anything about not being able to (re)sell your voucher, i don't see anything to stop you from doing so.

        having looked again at spreets' T&C, it's about as ambiguous as cudo's:

        Vouchers must not be resold, offered for resale, duplicated, used, traded or used for advertising, promotion or other commercial purposes (including competitions and trade promotions) or to enhance the demand for other goods or services.

        however, note that although you can

        neither of the above equate to permission or a get out clause per se on selling vouchers. whether or not would actually police/pursue any "breaches" is a different matter. i can only say that i have had a comment deleted from a spreets deal page's discussion section, which i assume was because i was (among other things) offering my previous voucher for the same business for resale. had my offer not been on a spreets controlled site…

        i couldn't find anything else about cudo other than

        Can I give my Cudo coupon to someone as a gift even if my name is on it?
        You can purchase Cudo vouchers as gifts and they can be put under the recipient’s name.

        which is not the same as selling a voucher you originally bought for yourself. again, whether/how they actually police/pursue any breaches of their T&C is not something i can comment on.

        • Hi quop,

          Thanks for all that work. What I was menaning was that frequently when someone is unhappy with a service (and therefore does not wish to use identical scoopons at the same business and get the same crappy service) or can not book or for whatever reason want a scoopon refund, it seems scoopon frequently responds with "give it to someone else". That's what I mean by "get out" or brush aside the issue.

          Are you a lawyer?

        • +1

          ahh sorry i misunderstood what you meant by "get-out clause", since i thought we were all still on the track of selling one's vouchers rather than what to do with vouchers you can't/don't want to use.

          no i'm not a lawyer. please don't take anything i say as legal advice ;) i just happen to have dealt with aspects of law in my work, as well as read through T&C and the like in order to know where i stand when fighting some battles :)

  • I don't think it's that big an issue. cudo were happy for me to buy as a gift. If someone buys it (and it's still up for sale guys and gals) then they could be a gift recipient for all cudo would know.

    • it may well not be. and i for one am not trying to suggest that it is.

      just don't confuse/equate ability to buy as a gift (or to give away), with permission to resell.

      and be aware of the T&C to which you have agreed at the time you purchased the deal.

      be informed. don't assume. that is all :)

      • fair point :)

  • +1

    hi just read about your dilemma i had the same problem a few weeks ago and hopped on facebook and found an online garage sale facebook page for my area and posted it in there sold in a couple days :) hope that helps you out.

    • how did u find it?

    • Thanks. Don't you end up with random friend requests by doing that?

  • +1

    in the search area type online garage sale and they should all pop up there are quite a few for different areas.

  • I agree that u need to know the t&c, but also know the seriousness (or lack of) of breaching one, and the likelihood of it being enforced. I'd say don't worry too much about their t&c reselling clause. They're too busy dealing with refund demands they won't go on ebay to search and report. Besides, they already received ur payment, so it isn't in their interest to spend time looking up ppl who resell their vouchers, unless the asking price is higher than original n its become prevalent that its come to their notice. But thats not going to happen becoz reselling coupons r always at a discount. They dont care.

    I sold my spreets voucher on ebay. Told buyer to say it was a gift if questioned. Wats ur coupon of? Mine was beauty related so I went on vogue forums and directed ppl to c the listing (subtly, becoz they dont allow advertising).

    • Sock puppeting at its best. So desperate.

      Reality check is the site will likely fail considering the lack of traffic and participation.

  • Put in your pocket, ask everyone who you know and finally someone will buy it. Specially if it is already a good deal. Or let the wife do the selling process, this is her present.

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