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Just 72 hrs to nab a deal to NZ through Air New Zealand


With just 72 hours to nab a sweet deal to New Zealand there’s no time for dozing. Rest assured, there’ll be plenty of time to sit back and relax when you’re being looked after across the Tasman. Speaking of being looked after, book in the next three days and you can also get 10% off Air New Zealand Holidays packages and hotel bookings.

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Air New Zealand
Air New Zealand

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    One test for flights in June showed fares for $203 each way, then another $200+ for taxes etc (round trip taxes) so just over $600. Is that cheap for NZ flights??

    Emirates had theirs for around $300 return inc taxes. Anyone found cheaper flights than the $600???


      For travel Melbourne to Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch; Brisbane to Auckland, Dunedin, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch; Gold Coast to Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton, Christchurch 21 July - 19 September 08. Sydney to Auckland, Dunedin, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch 25 July - 25 September 08. Perth to Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington; Adelaide to Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington 21 July - 25 September 08.

      The dates you picked were outside of this… through this deal, its again ~$300… basically the same as the Emirates deal. Except there are more destinations available, eg Dunedin