expired Camelbak Podium Bottle 700ml $14.90 Delivered @ Snowys


Cheap deal on this water bottle. Much better than bottled water.
Snowys free delivery for any item ends at 9am tomorrow. (they have replaced free postage on all items with $69 minimum spend for free delivery)
Not sure why they chose that number.

Links to previous conversations about this bottle at this price;

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    So why do you think they chose that number?


    Postage costs getting too high for them….
    That means no more smaller priced items being bought anymore.


    Not sure why but it said free delivery but when I went to pay it added $5. Now it's showing 19.90 delivered?
    I managed to get to the Paypal screen and continue but then it throws you back in the cart and adds your paypal address with $5 delivery.


      G'day CheaperPlox,

      Something sounds a bit skewiff here. Are you able to give us a buzz (1300 914 007)? Our service team will be able to straighten this out.



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      Voss comes at a very high price. Everyone looks at you and thinks "Pretentious (profanity)."

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    Thanks for posting the previous OzB links:
    - hard to clean nozzle
    - supporters of the NRA

    But the interesting thing is that these bottles are still the same price they were a couple of years ago.

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    Terrible nozzle gets mould stuck in it with no way to clean. Do not like it.

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      False - nozzle is able to be cleaned. Look it up on youtube - you can even disassemble the plastic assembly inside the silicone nozzle.

      True it is very finicky - the new Podium bottle was meant to address this.


        Fine, its 'hard' to clean. Certainly annoying to do every week versus literally any other bottle design.


      I just disassembled the nozzle and soaked them in water and thoroughly cleaned it last week. There was a ring of dark material inside the nozzle, which i assume are dust collected on my bike rides. P.S. I bought my bottle last time the deal posted here and it has served me well for cycling, leak proof and easy to drink with one hand.


    This new hard shiny plastic is pretty crap, TBH. I bought this bottle last time and have now pretty much given up on Camelbak, which used to be great.


    Any other similar options?

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