Best 7-Seater Car / SUV's Under $50,000 in 2019

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What is the best 7-Seater Car / SUV under $50K for the year 2019?

We asked a similar question last year and most of you thought the Mazda CX-9 took the top spot, followed by the Kia Carnival.

Seven seater cars are a great choice for parents who are looking to buy a single car to move the entire family. 7 seater cars typically have an extra row of seats at the rear, allowing you to accommodate extra passengers or cargo.

Some considerations when choosing a 7-seater

  • Vehicle safety (ANCAP ratings). The ANCAP rating is a five star system (five stars being the safest, one star being the least safe).
  • Fuel economy
  • Two wheel drive or all-wheel drive. All wheel drive vehicles are more expensive, but will provide a better driving experience.
  • On-board entertainment options for keeping the kids entertained and smartphone connectivity, such as Bluetooth, Android Auto, plus Mp3 player compatibility, rear view digital displays and SatNav.
  • Ongoing Maintenance costs

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  • Suggested Mazda CX-8

    Mazda CX-8. Lowest RRP is $42,490.

    • Seems to be struggling to find it's feet. 500 sold YTD vs 905 CX-9s

      • Yeah I wouldn't buy it if I were shopping around at that price range.

      • Awkward looking thing… an LWB CX-5.
        Better off with the CX-9 IMO.
        I recon Mazda will cease importing CX-8's soon. GM and Ford have both stopped importing cars with similar numbers.

    • Can't say for the CX-8 (cos it's a new release) but the older CX5s and CX9s have transmission issues after a few years.

  • +3 votes
    Suggested Kia Sorento

    Kia Sorento. See a million of these out in the "young family" suburbs.

  • Suggested Mitsubishi Outlander

    Mitsubishi Outlander. Not a favourite. Still should be on the list.

    • I don't think value-wise there's anything better. What other 7 seat SUV can you buy for 32k brand new with leather, 18 inch wheels and nav.

  • corolla with the smaller kids in the boot

  • If you can wait till 2020, you'll be able to get a base Tesla Model Y for that kind of money (maybe a little more), and it'll have a 7 seat option (I've got a feeling that the 7 seat option doesn't go into production till 2021).

    • I doubt it would be anywhere near 50k AUD, let alone actually getting here by 2020 (if the The Model 3 RHD availability is anything to go by). The Model 3 is expected to be priced here to compete with the 3 series, IS, Q50 and C-Class like it is in the US, and the Model Y is priced even higher than that. Most likely be looking at starting from sub-$70k, priced to compete with the Discovery Sport and GLC. Good value comparatively to the luxury brands, but absolutely nowhere near the sub-50k bracket and unattainable for families on a budget.

  • I currently drive a MU-X and it’s been faultless and really good on fuel 8.2L/100Kms
    Highly recommend it.

  • Can we please get off the 7seater/people mover polls we have had for a few years running and get onto something else like “best small sedan”, “best investment luxury car” or “best mid size SUV”… or hell, “best truck over 12.5t” or maybe even “best learner motorcycle” or something that people actually ask about here on a regular basis…

    Or at a minimum, can we have a different poll every 1/4 instead of pinning a topic that goes dead fairly quickly to the top for a whole year. Freshen it up every now and then… we love polls and discussions, just not year long stale ones.

    PS: My vote goes to the Mahindra XUV500 or the Foton Sauvana. Surprised no one has mentioned the Holden Craptiva or Arcadia. The SsangYong Rexton has had a makeover. Might be a contender.

    • Acadia’s are around the $60k mark…

      • For a Holden? Lol… :D

        Trust me, the way Holden sales are going (or aren’t going) there would be plenty of these on offer as “ruin out” last year 18MY. If you can’t pick one of these up for under $50k, you aren’t haggling hard enough. The resale on these is going to be abysmal.

      • They're $42,990-$67,990 FWIW


    Why is it under $50k? Is there another poll for luxury suvs?

  • Suggested Toyota Prius V

    Which one would have the best fuel economy? Looking at replacing my small 7-seater soon (9yo Kia Rondo 7 that recently developed some engine issue). Around 10,000km of mostly city driving a year. Don't really need a full size 3rd row as it would be used only 1 day a week (carting other kids for church or sports). I do look for,

    1. Small size. Around the same width as my old Kia Rondo (1.81m), as I have a very narrow car port.
    2. Good fuel economy for city driving.

    For (2) I probably should just cross out all the V6 & diesel. Honda Oddysey fits the bill. My brother has one and it seems nice. What do you guys think about Toyota Prius v? A few friends drive it. Looks like Corolla on slightly longer wheel base. Good economy in the city. However very dated platform.

    • Don't really need a full size 3rd row as it would be used only 1 day a week (carting other kids for church or sports).

      If you didn't need that, I'd say the new Rav4 Hybrid

      • If I don't need that I'll rather get a Corolla hybrid or an i30 — just preferring smaller cars in general. However the Mrs is the one driving the car most of the time, and she does need the extra seats sometimes.

        Edit: and why Toyota can't put together a 7-seater Hybrid Rav4?

    • puegeot

    • Prius V is very easy on gas, my average 5-6L/100km with a normal feet, no problem with close to 7 years of ownership since first launched. Toyota quality!

      My last row mainly reserved for storage and rarely use for passengers. Middle row legroom is super roomy, not many car out there can match it.

      I was very reluctant with CVT before I had this, I disliked smooth acceleration. Somehow such disadvantage becomes an advantage for family ride, no more choppy gear change, adequate pulling power never upset me from merging into highways, perhaps the electric helps lifting the torque up for immediate acceleration power.

      Steering is a little light for my tast, but handling is superb as any other corolla despite car feels heavy.

      If its built with a heavier metals I will love it more, still highly recommending it.

  • Suggested Honda CR-V VTi-E7

    Honda has these available now too CR-V VTi-E7 and VTi-L7

    They just had a 7-year warranty & roadside assist with free 12month rego offer which ended in March, may do it again later this year.

  • Suggested Skoda Kodiaq

    Skoda Kodiaq, has the feel of a Euro without the price tag, might not get all the options for 50k but a decent spec list.

  • Suggested Holden Acadia

    Holden Acadia is selling well (demand is currently outstripping supply) so would be a worthy inclusion.

  • Suggested Mazda CX-5

    Get a Mazda CX-5/CX-9

  • +1 vote
    Suggested Kia Carnival

    Why hasn't the Kia Carnival already been mentioned?

    Plenty of brand new options well under $50k.
    7 year unlimited km warranty and a true people mover that also has decent boot space when doing so.

    And when you fold those seats down??? Oh baby. Plenty of room for Bunnings, Costco, and anything else you want to buy. In one go.

    • Cause it's a minivan. SUV's are way cooler than the very practical soccer mum minivan. The Carnival has a proper 3rd row where most SUV's the third row is an inch or two off the floor so it's only good for younger kids for shortish journeys and really eats into the boot space. The Carnival is the best minivan on sale in Aus that with the 3rd row in use still has a massive amount of boot space. Fold the third row flat in to the floor and yep there's a huge amount of space.

      The question should be is the third row to be used regularly or only occasionally? If it's occasionally I like the Kluger, bit smaller car. Regular use of the third row then it's the Carnival every day.

  • i bought Santa fe diesel variant last year December ( new shape) and i am loving it. fuel consumption is very good, never felt under power, 5 Star rating and 50 %+ Steel reinforced body also cap price servicing for lifetime and road side assistance for 10 years etc.

    you get best value for money with only two brands ( which are the same ) Hyundai and Kia - i didn't like the shape of Kia Sorento but underlined technology platform is the same for both brands.

    Carnival is good but it is very big and if you don't have proper parking space then that's an issue.

    it is really your choice / pocket , best large SUV is CX-9 and best family SUV is Santa fe.

  • Go for Carnival if you really need a 7 seater.

    I have a Sorento, it's good for occasional 7 seater trips, but gets tiresome pretty quickly. To get in/out it's not easy.

    I have Klugger at work. They are smaller than Sorento, wouldn't recommend. It's ok to stay in the 3rd row if you have no legs.

    In Santa Fe, the 3'rd row has no visibility outside. It can get claustrophobic in the 3rd row. Also the 2nd row's windows are up, so much so that a tall person can barely see outside.

    A friend of mine has a Honda Odyssey and he's happy with it but if he would have the chance to buy it again, he wouldn't.

    Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is fairly rough but it's a good all rounder especially if you are into off-roading.

    • Why would your friend not buy the Honda Odyssey again? And what would he buy?
      Been looking at the Odyssey and we like it a lot but the price is nearly 20K more then the Outlander. We prefer the van like sliding doors but it probably be better value opting for the SUV.

      • He said that the Odyssey is a fantastic car and can't fault it. The problem is that it is a very bland car with nothing exciting about it. It is also very plasticky. He said he would try and buy a Carnival.

        Outlander is a whole other category. Very low-quality interior.

        Not sure what you want to say about the SUV, the Outlander it is an SUV but you wouldn't use it as such. The 7 seater is … well there only for advertisement, almost unusable. I've tried before I bought mine, the price was very attractive. I said pass after seeing several 5 years old Outlanders.

      • i owned the honda odyssey 2018 and i personally think it's a perfect 7 seaters under 50k budget. there's few things i would complain about which are:

        • engine under power - kinda struggle with 7 ppl in the car due to the 2400cc engine but can't complain much because if you want power toyata alphard got v6 3600cc but double the price!
        • no auto tailgate - i got the top of the range but no auto tailgate when it's family car? seriously? even the normal crv comes with the auto tailgate
        • sound proofing on the car ain't that good but can't complain much for under 50k though

        above are the things that i'm picky with and the rest are all good. just my 2 cents. cheers!

  • Mitsubishi Outlander should be on the list as well. A very common choice for families

  • Where is CX-9 in the poll ? It was the winner in 2018 poll

    • Use the suggestion field above the comment text box to request new poll option to be added.

  • Is there one with 3rd row access when second row has 3 child seats installed?

    • I can't imagine how wide that would be! You need a people mover for that, with the ability to fully slide the 2nd row forward while staying upright with the seat attached. Big opening side doors to allow access to the 3rd row easier

      Carnival, Tarago etc

  • I bought the 2018 Outlander Exceed in May 2019 and because it was October 2018 build, it was reduced somewhat. I further negotiated about $2,000 off the advertised price.
    This is a very nice car, but finish quality is not as good as Toyota or Mazda. Given the opportunity again, I would probably go for the diesel instead of the 2.4L Petrol with CVT.

    Overall, a good car for the price co.pared to what else is on the market. If the Kluger was similar in price and 4Cyl Diesel, would have definitely been my choice.

  • Suggested Mazda CX-9

    It was the winner of 2018.

  • Suggested Nissan Pathfinder

    What's everyone's experience with Nissan Pathfinder. Lately I was have seen carsales flooded with Pathfinder ….

    • had one for about 4 years, recently sold. Couldn't fault it, never had an issue, drove about 60k kms, kids loved the dvd/lcd's in headrest system, ventilated seats were awesome in summer. Overall a very nice car in my opinion. Shame Nissan doesnt seem to have a lot of fans and hence re-sale is super low, I bought one barely used at a massive discount, sold for half of what I paid after 4 years. I would recommend it but would not recommend buying new due to bad re-sale value.

  • Go Mitsubishi Pajero Sport or SsangYong Rexton. The Ford Everest also has an incredible set-up.

  • Suggested Haval H9

    You're missing the Haval H9