WA Sunday Times Mothes Day - need someone to check for something...

I live in Vic these days (original from Perth) and I posted a free Mothers Day ad in the Sunday Times (posted the bargain too http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/44231)

As a joke, I posted another ad to

Gab Rain
Happy Mum Day. Love Oz, Bar, Gai, Nic, Ede, Al.

Can someone see if it made it in? If I ask mum to look up for Gab Rain she'll wonder what on earth I am up to and think less of the ad I posted for her. lol

If you read between the lines of my ad…

Gab Rain = anagram of Bargain

Love Oz Bargain (N)ice deal

(had to drop a N, cos' I was trying to get realistic names lol)

If someone has and can scan and post a link that would be cool.



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