expired Free Shipping (No Mininum Spend) @ Snowys Outdoors

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Snowys Outdoors
Snowys Outdoors


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    I'm pretty sure they have always done free delivery.

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    Not after 9am tomorrow they won't


    Yes. Not an Earth shattering post I know, a heads up overall. No free shipping and no cash back affiliation pretty much renders these characters a no deal proposition now


      G'day Elefc,
      We'll still be offering free delivery, it'll just be on orders over $69.

      Also, we've been talking about partnering with a cash back affiliate - but do people actually use them? From our research, the customer gets such a small return per purchase. I'd be interested to know your thoughts.



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        Hi Laine, I use cash back if available, but only if the supplier has the best price for the item taking the cash back into account in the overall cost. I suspect it costs the business to partner with cash back affiliate and that will ultimately affect the overall price the consumer gets.


    Hi Laine. Last week I bought a $480 tent from tentworld because they had cashback and you don't. You both had it for the cheapest price on the market and the price was the same.
    When I am looking to buy, and I mean anything, I always consider cash back and rewards. Before buying anything I will spend whatever time it takes to find the cheapest price.
    I also have access to 2 corporate reward and discount programs so on the whole I'm pretty confident that the best price is pretty much always what I get.
    I may be an extreme case but having been on Oz bargain for a long time, and a member of cash rewards and shopback for an equally long time, I doubt it.
    In regards to the level of use and the level of rewards for cashback customers I can only say that my mouth Waters at the prospect of seeing a range of statistics and data. Doubt that will ever transpire however.


      Thanks for your feedback, Elefc.

      I'm not just shooting the breeze here, this is something we're considering so I appreciate you taking the time.

      Which cashback/rewards platforms are you a member of?

      Cheers in advance. Laine


    Cashrewards & Shopback. For rewards/points etc, wow rewards and col flybuys. Qantas and virgin and other international airline reward programs. Member accounts with an inordinate amount of on/offline retailers to keep an eye on deals, and they themselves have their own rewards program, but I'm overridingly bombarded with annoying emails that get a 5 second glance and unless i see nothing I'm interested in at the time its deleted.

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