Marine Carpet on a Hilux Ute Tray

Hi All
I have a dual cab hilux with a steel tray (no hard cover or canopy) and was wondering…
What is the best way of protecting the tray?
I'm not a tradie, so not constantly putting tools in and out, but wanting to maximise the trays life.

What have you guys done?
Any horror stories that i should be warned of?

Thanks in advance!

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    Marine Carpet
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    Durable Rubber Mat
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    Sell the Hilux for a 80k high yield investment car
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    Other (my comments below)
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    Just leave it as is



    Cut one to size.


    The steel tray will survive light application and last longer than you will keep the Ute. Things that you are carrying may not.

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    We have a dual cab Rodeo that we bought near new in 2000.
    We had it sprayed with rhino lining within weeks of purchase.
    It's a polyurethane spray on coating - a bit like a thick rubbery paint.
    Fast forward 18 and 1/2 years, there is one chip in the coating (& it was my fault).


      It's a rubberised spray/lining which sticks to the steel. Makes it waterproof on the inside.
      Still needs a tonneau though.

      Marine carpet can "breathe" and I think its only good for sliding heavy things (flat toolbox, jetskis etc etc).


    Rubber does make sliding things in more difficult. Depends on what you use it for.


    Get a full tub liner. Marine carpet or similar stays wet longer and will promote corrosion

    Look on gumtree for 2nd hand. You might get one for $100.

    Even new they are <$300

    edit: I don't like the rubber coating. If water gets underneath it then it promotes corrosion.


    Bunnings have carpet on a roll, just get what you need and cut to size, it'll be cheap and replace after x years if you need to. if you have tie down points you should be able to hold hte carpet in place with a bold and washer


    If you aren't doing anything too damaging, shouldn't it be ok as it is?

    Avoid anything that will not dry after getting wet, or will allow for water to pool underneath, as that will promote rust in any areas where the protective pain is scratched etc.


    Tray or tub? New or old?

    I have a tub that has a rhino lining. It’s great hard wearing so I can pretty much throw anything in and not worry about scratching the item or he tray. Won’t let moisture between it and something else like a plastic tub liner or marine carpet which will promote rust. It’ll probably outlast the Ute too. Stuff does slide around on it, which is a small minus, but I have tie down rails for anything I don’t want to move.

    For my D40 Navara there are often plastic factory tub liners on gumtree etc so that might be a cheap solution.


    Bit of artificial turf


    Don't use carpet - just an invitation for rust;

    1. Fitted liner (if it is a well body) - as has been said, you can pick them up cheap second hand
    2. Rubber ute bed liner mat, perforated to allow water to disperse/evaporate
    3. Rhino spray liner