expired Xbox One X 1TB Console + Fallout 76 Token + Forza Horizon 4 Token + PUBG Token Bundle $494.10 + Delivery @ Big W eBay


Xbox One X 1TB Console + Fallout 76 Token + Forza Horizon 4 Token + PUB G Token Bundle… + delivery or free delivery with eBay Plus

credit to doweyy 10% code

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    Fallout 76 trades in at $12 at EB Games, for those wondering.

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      EB accept tokens?

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        Ooops, I misread the post. EB won’t accept tokens, only physical copies.

        Reselling codes elsewhere can be hit and miss. Tread carefully.


          Yeah, I tried and got ripped off.
          Wish they would go back to physical bundles.

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          Short version: sell via gumtree or forums only. EBay you will be scammed and PayPal will charge you an additional fee for the pleasure of the experience.


            @justtoreply: Hey how does eBay scam? Makes no sense to me…

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              @poxy001: All digital items carry ZERO seller protection (no matter what feeBay CSR tells you). PayPal will rule in favour of the buyer for all digital goods delivered digitally. They won't accept e-mail proof that you e-mail'ed the buyer the code (or even any proof you provide showing the buyer already used the code and / or already playing it online). The proof has to be from a 3rd party source.

              Whether you like it or not, selling digital items on feeBay - you are at the mercy of the buyers.

              However, for these, they are technically sellable on feeBay, just post each card via registered post and refrain from providing the code electronically. Take lots of photos or a video if you want to be really sure (basically have proof that you posted it via registered post and the code hasn't been revealed (i.e. the whole thing is still sealed) when you put it in the envelope.


                @netsurfer: I can confirm this is correct.



                PayPal will rule in favour of the buyer for all digital goods delivered digitally. They won't accept e-mail proof that you e-mail'ed the buyer the code (or even any proof you provide showing the buyer already used the code and / or already playing it online).

                You can show that you sent the code but how can you prove that it was unused at the time of sale and that you didn't redeem it after or sell the same code multiple time?

                Just because the buyer is playing it doesn't mean the code was legit, if I wanted a game digitally and one seller ripped me off I'd just go buy it from another.

                From eBay's point of view it's very hard to prove so they just rule on the side of caution and side with the buyer.


                  @Agret: It's more about what dodgy buyers could do. I don't want to disclosure their dirty tricks, but some are really nasty.

                  Not only PayPal rule against sellers, they don't even require buyers return digital items which are resellable.


          So true. Particularly on eBay.

          Edit: Too slow to reply and beaten by justtoreply. 😀


      They should give you an additional discount because Fallout 76 is included…


      Fallout 76 trades in at $12 at EB Games

      lol is it dead, i heard they're releasing a single player DLC?


    Hey folks im very new to consoles after being a PC gamer for ~7 years running from GTX 670Ti and up to my recent 1070Ti (yes not the best :[

    question is, apart from the console-specific games such Forza, Last of Us, etc…

    What is the better Console in terms of Power/Size/ and overall value retention between Ps4 Pro and Xbox OneX?

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      Xbox has more power (better for multiplatform games) PS4 has better exclusives. Winner PS4.

      I got the Xbox for the 4k Blu-ray player.


      For the PS4 and XBone; as you said, it's just the console-specific games and initial hardware purchase price*

      I guess you get the quick bootup directly into your games list and controller optimized menus, but you could do this on a PC anyway.

      The Switch has the portability factor, super comfortable pro controller and first party titles going for it.
      The PS4 has very cheap entry-level VR (PSVR).

      *You gradually pay more for this anyway by more expensive games and premium online subscriptions (Xbox Live) compared with a PC.

      That being said, I own all 3 consoles and a gaming PC :)

      Edit: just saw you were asking PS4 vs XBONE, not "Console vs PC". Really just pick one based on the exclusives you want.

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        Microsoft doesn't make console exclusives, all Xbox games are being made on PC now also.

        As he has a PC already then ps4 pro is the easy choice as it has the exclusive games that are on PS4 and consoles only

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      Forza Horizon 4 is a PlayAnywhere title so when GamePass is on special for $1 or $2/month, you could purchase it and play it on your PC (through Microsoft Store/Windows 10). Even the photo for this package shows the included Forza Horizon 4 is the PlayAnywhere version (XB1/S/X + PC).

      Raw power, XB1X is roughly RX580 equivalent. However, with more RAM and given that it could target 30fps, it can deliver 4K experience (the extra RAM helps dealing with larger / more detailed 4K texture). Its inclusion of Ultra HD blu-ray drive is another plus (though XB1S has it too). It actually supports FreeSync (nVidia now supports FreeSync as well). It's a well designed console - not noisy.

      PS4/PS4 Pro - the main selling point is the exclusive games. Also, physical copies of games are quite popular for PS4/PS4 Pro so buy/sell games is quite feasible and that could reduce your net cost of gaming.

      You have a PC with 1070Ti, the most logical choice is PS4 Pro. Unless you are really into GamePass' large number of older games (because most Microsoft exclusives are PlayAnywhere title - which means you could play them on PC). While newer GamePass third party titles are also nice, you could get the PC version.


        Can the xbox one x run on an SSD (edit, can it be upgraded to fast SSDs)?

        May main issue why I never went to Console is because of loading times (regardless Disc or Digital Download).

        example, my gaming PC runs on 24GB DDR4 and 2x M2.SSD EVO 980 500GB drive which loads games like Metro Exodus in ~10secs…

        P.S the only thing that made me jump on Console is I played Last of Us at a mate's place on Ps4 and really loved it.


          I have the X and it's significantly faster to load games.

          I'm always the first in the lobby when playing online games


          Yes you can upgrade the internal HDD to an SSD but some people are worried about the warranty ramifications.

          All that is required is to plug the new SSD into your computer, run some scripts via CMD to setup the correct partitioning of the drive and grab an Xbox One X offline installer from the internet and put it on a USB stick. Install the SSD using a T9 driver or bit along with a thin plastic spudger and then fresh build the console with the USB.

          I did the upgrade and noticed slightly snappier times on the Xbox one GUI and significantly faster load times on Red Dead Redemption 2 loading screens (which was the tipping point for me trying this upgrade).


          And you won't get that on Xbox, part 2 is in the works also. You'll also miss out on God war. Halo and gears pales in comparison to PS4 offering imo.


          XB1/PS4 can run on an SSD. The easiest way is to use USB 3 (but that's limited to USB 3.0/3.1 gen 1). Replacing the internal hard drive with an SSD will be harder (but definitely doable). No m.2 support (but SATA3 is sufficient for gaming).

          Using an SSD will reduce the game loading time on consoles by a large margin, but won't reach what you can do with a PC. Due to cost, consoles don't really have dedicated physical RAM (they share memory with GPU) so switching between games generally means a complete re-load. It shouldn't be an issue for PS4 exclusives as they are generally single player games and you generally finish one before moving to another one.

          Given that you have 1070Ti with dual m.2 setup, it really comes down to whether you really want to play Sony exclusives. Get a SATA3 SSD and use USB first (install the games on the SSD) and if that's still not good enough, then consider changing the internal drive to SSD.

          Obviously, you can afford an XB1X too. I guess the well optimised Forza Horizon 4 (and even at 2K mode - supersampled down from 4K is quite nice; 4K native on XB1X still a tad better though) and Red Dead Redemption 2 are nice. It's a real pity Rockstar has not yet released RDR2 for PC (I am guessing they will - might pick up the PC version when it is available and play again).

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      Please tell me you didn't sell your PC because PC+PS4 Pro is the best combo there is. If you still have your PC then just use that for most games and use the PS4 for exclusives.

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      Do you have a 4k television/monitor?

      The Xbox One X supports native 4k gaming on enabled titles as well as on the Blu-Ray player. The PS4 Pro upscales its games to appear as 4k using a checkerboard style of rendering but the discerning eye (or watching comparison videos) will notice the difference.

      In terms of Power the Xbox One X is the winner, the size between the consoles is not really an issue but the Xbox One X is 1.5x the size of the PS4 Pro.

      Overall value I would say goes to the Xbox One X but only if you are using it combined with a 4K Television as a multimedia device as you are getting:

      • Native 4k Gaming
      • Native 4k UHD Blu Ray
      • Dolby Atmos Support and DTS:X
      • HDR Support

      If you are just interested in pure gaming, the PS4 Pro is recommended.

      Bias: However for myself who likes the best possible option available at the time, nothing beats Red Dead Redemption 2 in 4k HDR on the Xbox One X, its a real treat.


      Xbox One X is better in almost every way in my opinion. However, I currently own a PS4 Pro and not an Xbox because of the games. Most Xbox exclusives going forward will be also available for you to play on your PC.


      If exclusives don't matter to you, then Xbox One X is the way to go. Since getting one I hardly ever bother using my (admittedly now outdated) PC anymore except for RTS games.

      Between Games with Gold freebies and $1 Game Pass deals means I have an endless amount of games. Also the One X enhanced games look incredible (especially RDR2) and I'll probably continue to use it after next gen launches (atleast until the bundles start coming out).

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        I hear alot about the exlusives however checking out the Sony store i see only 5 real AAA games. Question is, would you put up with a console with much less power to play games that you can clock in 5-6 weeks?

        What about online gaming/subscription such as Gold Pass?

        What about online game purchases, which is cheaper?


          I think you meant Game Pass. It is one of the key selling points for most people. First party exclusives are available on GamePass right away (and they stay there). Nowadays, most of exclusives are PlayAnywhere titles so playable on PC as well.

          Now, I am going to be harsh… (I have PC, XB1X and PS4 Pro)… I only picked up GamePass for 2 months because of the special ($2 for 2 months from memory). Originally, it was basically pay $2 to try Crackdown 3, but what a disappointment. Right now, not playing any XB1 or PS4 games. All the exclusives worth playing, I already played on both camps.

          So yeah, if you only want to go for pure AAA games, then you are not going to get enough value out of consoles. I could play a lot of old games in GamePass which I haven't played (but that's mainly because they are free, not because I really want to play them). Likewise for PS4 exclusives, there are some not top notch exclusives and I still have quite a number of yet to played games collected through PS Plus.

          Would be great to have some sort of cheap console rental service. Anyway, to me, it comes down to whether I really want to play the games. Cost can be solved by play the game quickly and sell it quickly afterwards. I bought games because they were cheap before, some of them are still unopened (so basically still waste of money).


      I'm a PC gamer too. Xbox is much better value because of gamepass and Play Anywhere. Remember, most xbox games come out on PC now and you don't have to buy play anywhere games twice to play them on either PC or xbox. It's a great media machine too. PS4 is only for exclusives and God of War is the only game I really feel I'm missing out on.


    Big W eBay is delivery only isn't it can't find any option for click n collect?