Can I Get Cheap Possum Magic Tickets on 15th or 16th April in Sydney Please?

I want to go to Glen St for this show, however it is full.

Any idea of how to get them please?

My son love this.


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    This is your fairy godmother.
    Your wish has been granted - poof!


    As soon as I saw that please, I knew who the poster was …

    Edit: the OP is asking if anyone can get her cheap tickets for shows that at at the Sydney Opera House …


      What is wrong with Glen St theatre at belrose please?

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        You just said it's sold out/full?

        Did you actually do any research? No one is playing Possum Magic at Glen St Theatre on the dates you want … Going by your posts, you ask for a lot, but you don't give back to the community …


          Is opera house the only place to go then? Will they have the show somewhere else in Sydney maybe?


            @jiaqi518: Like I said, do you actually do your own research? If you did, you'd know the answers to your questions.

            You said you were studying; research is an important skill to have when studying …


              @kerfuffle: Sorry, I couldn't continue my study as my son could not get into after school care at the moment and mother in law got cancer. I do not have a brain…


            @jiaqi518: I just had a look. The Opera House has tickets what is wrong with going there? It is one of the most famous places in the world!

            Will they have the show somewhere else in Sydney maybe?

            How are we meant to know??

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        TBH OP, it feels a bit like you're that "friend" who always needs a favour.

        Almost all of your posts are requests for help that should be googled, not posted here.

        Have you thought about contributing something here yourself, or at least doing some of the legwork before you get to the point you need to post?

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