Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Note 9

Hey folks! My sister is looking to get a new phone. Note 8 or Note 9 is fine,please. storage size is not an issue


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    I have both the 8 & 9 and I can say don't waste your money on the 9 although it is slightly better and faster, with a better battery life.
    Plus the Note 8 now has an Android 9 update similarly to the Note 9 so practically the same look and feel.
    The only difference quite noticeable is that the Note 9 has more of a gloss screen, finger print reader is below the camera (note 8 next to it) and has two speakers (top and bottom) for better sound.
    Scrimshaw's link seems ideal for a new phone + price. Plus it is Aussie stock and has 2 year warranty. Normally the Grey imports come out with a dual sim.
    I have seen these on Gumtree as low as $450 second hand in good nick however you have to ensure that you are not buying a dud.

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    Whats your sis budget? The note 8 and 9 tbh there isn't much difference. What vinni9284 said is on point.