expired [VIC/NSW] SanDisk Extreme Micro SD Card 256GB $99 R:160MB/s W:90MB/s $99 or + Postage @ Scorptec + Other Clearance Items


Part of Scorptec's 2019 Q1 Clearance, so i assume ends 31/Mar

R:160MB/s W:90MB/s

I've purchased two of these and they do have around 83MB/s Write speed, tested with Crystal Disk Info

Cheapest on staticice at $99 - for comparison, staticice shows MSY $119, CPL $125

NOTE: Unfortunately other than pickup at store - shipping seems to be fairly excessive for such a lightweight product

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    The same card but 64GB is $26.75 on Amazon AU so this deal for $99 for a 256GB is comparatively great.


      Except that you can get the Samsung EVO+ for around $60 which has the same performance.


        Why do companies like DJI only recommend SanDisk?

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          Probably because they sell only SanDisk. Don't shit where you sleep kind of thing.

          The only problem with the EVO+ line is random writes, tends to be worse than SanDisk. But if you're sticking it in a drone or camera then that means nothing - only matters if you're running apps off it on a phone or on a switch. But even then we're not talking much difference, it's not worth the extra dosh.


        I have the EVO+ and it is flakey on a GoPro 6.

        i.e. On occasion, start/stop recording fails to start/stop on time due to the write speed.


          The write speed is 90MB/s, the same as this card.

          You sure it's because of the card and not the Gopro itself?

          I have not seen a microSD with a faster write speed than 90.

          It appears on their list of recommended cards.

          Are you perhaps using the very old EVO+ with 20MB/s write speeds?


    would a faster card help with my canon m50 buffering when doing burst shots?


      Yes, but if you're already using a U3 card of a different brand, the difference will be minor (maybe an extra frame or two before it stutters).

      The biggest difference is switching RAW off and just capturing JPEG for burst photos - the M50 can pretty much keep going and going and going with JPEGs.


      Short answer is probably, it's buffering because it can't write the data on to the SD card fast enough.

      Long answer is it depends. Depends on what card you're currently using, your current settings, and if you have already reached the camera's limit of burst mode. Check the data specs of the M50 against what you're currently getting.


      There will be almost no difference because continuous shooting speed for RAW in burst mode is 10.0 fps and buffer size for RAW shooting in burst mode is 10 RAW files. That means buffer on M50 will be full in just 1 second and assuming 25MB size of each raw file, your camera wont be able to dump 250MB data to a card fast enough.
      Yes, a fast card will help you in clearing buffer fast so that you can shoot next burst comparatively faster, but it will not increase number of shots per bursts.


    The description says "SanDisk SDSQXA1-256G", but photo says A2 U3. So which is it? A1 or A2?