Who Is Offering NBN 250mbps Speed?

Hey Guys,

I have FTTP NBN connection and I can get 100/40 with Telstra but interested in trying out 250/100.

I know Aussie Broadband offers 250/100, my question is who else offers it? I tried Telstra, Optus and TPG and they all don't.


  • Aussie Broadband have over half of the 250mbps customers in Australia with the rest predominantly on smaller RSPs who typically only serve their areas, e.g. MyRepublic in Wollongong and Node1 in WA.

    I personally have a 250mbps plan through Aussie BB and have access to public and private connections up to gigabit speeds elsewhere. Gigabit is overrated and typically gets ~450mbps on average in my tests.

    • I personally have a 250mbps plan through Aussie BB

      Nice tax write-off I'm sure ;)

      • +1

        Neglected to mention that's at my main office 😂 Telstra at home is the tax write off 😉

      • +3

        When a man needs his Linux ISOs, he needs them instantly.

        • I'd take Apple over Linux any day :P

    • Care to share your public connections? ;)

      • Join the guest networks and they're all yours ;)

    • very few places can actually supply gigabit throughput - but netflix's fast.com certainly can :)

      • Those who do all have FTTP outside and fiber inside.

    • Are you still with Aussie BB? Would you still recommend them, and how much are they charging you for the 250mbps plan?

  • Lifehacker has already done the homework

    AusBB and Launtel, basically only 2 telcos doing it.

    and found that most telco's don't offer speeds beyond the standard 100mbs

    • My WA office uses Node1 who offer 250/100mbps, 500/200mbps, 500/500mbps and 1/1gbps for home and business.

      • Aw, I'd love a 1/1 Gb/s home net connection…..that would be a godsend! Mmmmmm—-mmmmm—-mmmmm!

        Aw, looks like only apartments get the 1 Gb/s up and down link…

        • With it being an apartment it'd be shared among the other tenants too so you might end up only with 50mbps.

          • @Clear: B-b-but I want 1000Mb/s up and down all to myself! hahahaha

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