Anywhere Selling $1 Chocolate Easter Bunnies Yet?

Hi community, how are you all going? I'm a bit sick with the end of a cold at the moment.

I was wondering if anyone has seen any of the shops/stores selling those $1 chocolate Easter bunnies yet? I've been checking Coles every week!

Kmart, Aldi, Big W and Kmart all had them last year.

Thanks and best regards!


  • i saw those lindt bunnies at those discount lolly shops selling them 3 for $5 the other day

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    Even if I was sick, I don't think it would change my desire to not eat cheap shit tasting chocolate. Lindt bunnies are incredibly good, I'd just go with one of those.

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    Unlikely before Easter. The bargains usually start to come out a week after Easter where all the excess stock are marked for clearance.

    Guess you can stock them for the next year if they last that long.

  • Coles has sign for 25% off Easter eggs at moment.
    Doubt they'll be really cheap until after Easter.
    Plenty of Stikeez crap reduced to $1 or 2 Haha

  • aldi

  • Aldi?

  • Doesn’t help now but Lindt outlets usually do 1 kg bags of little Easter bunnies, eggs etc for $25 after Easter. Worth checking out. Costco had bags of Lindt bunnies on special but couldn’t tell you the price.

  • Here is what I found this year:

    Kmart had $1 bunnies but they were tiny, like 50g.

    Aldi had $1 bunnies 125g but were always sold out.

    Coles and Woolworths never have them this year.

    After Easter, Aldi were clearing off 100g choc bunnies for $1 and had milk, dark and white choc flavours. The white ones are real nice.

    Just last week, my dream came true. Kmart were clearing off all their home brand Easter choc products for 25c each. The pirate ships with white choc highlights didn't taste so nice but the unicorns with jelly beans and the rectangular blocks are nice.

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