[Android] Kidtasks - Application of Good Deeds for Family (Free)

Kidtasks is an application for the whole family! Kidtasks is an organizer of family daily routine.

This application works very simply:
1) Parents create a list of tasks. They may write example: “feed your pet”, “brush your teeth”, “water the plants”, “do the dishes”, etc. Parents rate each task in points.
2) Children do the tasks and get points!
3) Parents set the exchange rate 1 point may be equal to 1$ or even less. Having collected a certain amount of points, the children may ask their parents for their “salary” for their work!

Why is it useful for PARENTS: This application will help to give a sense of responsibility to your children and prepare them for the things they need to do when they become older.

Why is it useful for CHILDREN: You will be rewarded if you help out with chores around the house! You have an opportunity to get your first salary or pocket money. Besides your parents will be proud of you so much.


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