Can Woolworths Withhold Stock of Banana Prawns on Sale if It Is A Clearance Item?

So i am in Woolworths yesterday (evening 6:30pm) in the seafood section. They have Banana prawns on clearance however there is none on display (all sold). I call the assistant and tell him i would like some Banana prawns and ih he had any "out back" in the coolroom…. He straight out told me "probably not" and if yes, its too late in the day to get more out…. After a discussion with him and a few minutes passing, i finally persauded him to go look, which on return, he said no, they are all sold.

I ended up buying frozen chinese prawn meat instead

At the checkout, and still thinking what had happened, i call on the manager and explained what had happened. She said what here and she would go have a chat to the assistant. Before she left, for benefit of doubt, i asked that she check the coolroom for available stock (i believe he lied to me)

When she returned, she said that the assistant in the seafood section should have told me that they already met their daily allowance for selling the clearance item….. Why a daily allowance was asked by me, especially if the item is a clearance product??…. The manager went on to say "it gives everyone a chance to buy some at a good price"….

Now this is where i am having trouble understanding…. I thought clearance means lower the price to attract buyers and sell all of the stock as quick as possible…… Not save stock to sell the next day….

Anyway, it continues with a hot discussion with the manager….. Finally, and get this, i ask for a rain check at the same price which i was given…. Like, yes i will be back this morning but, its the same thing….. They could have just given me the prawns there and then….

Finally, when i quizzed the manager about the available stock in the coolroom, she said yes there is, so the guy in the seafood section clearly straight out lied to me….

Pretty bad conduct from woolworths….

So the question is, can they withhold stock from sale if it is a clearance item….

Oh, i have just checked my raincheck before leaving my home to go to woolworths, and the manager forgot to write down the price (i think they were about $11.50 kg) of the prawns….. Looks like i am in for another challenge this morning hahaha…..

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    I lost some brain cells after read OP story. This is not a troll post, it's a prawn lover post. You can see how OP dedicated all of his time and shit to this.

  • Bigger issue at play why do some supermarkets put out/sell bread thats nearer to the expiry date ? Years ago there would ALWAYS be 5 days. In recent times only 3 days before the date passes. I attempted to buy bread from Coles on the 28th……. EVERY LOAF I CHECKED, THE DATE ON THE TABS SAID THE 28TH….. GRRRRR. May as well buy bakery bread.

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      That's the biggest issue we face, right there

    • If there is alot bread with 3 days life, then that could be why.

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    Enjoy your Bananna Prawns with the special sauce cobba

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    April fools, right?

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      Yeah if I didn't see the start date of this (only just got recommended on my feed now) I would've thought it was an April fools lol.

  • WTF

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    I love customers like OP. You can basically be as blunt as you like in telling them to (profanity) off and never return, because with their piss poor entitled attitude, you know your not losing any sort of valued customer & no one is insane enough to listen to a rant about it form them afterwards. On the odd chance someone does read their entitled rant online afterwards, it will only convince those readers to go do do business with you purely because of how you dealt with their entitled fat ass. It's a win-win.

    • Nah they'll just rant about never returning and come back the next day

  • Is OP the british gypsy I heard on news?

  • Buy the whole 5Kg frozen box.

  • I thinks the seafood service dude should just tell OP straight, the prawns at the cooler is not for clearance sale. I think the OP can take that if not Pfft off.

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    Don't come the raw prawn with me!

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    This is actually pretty tricky - they are allowed to do this with bananas but not prawns. It is known however that due to a bureaucratic loop hole that banana prawns fall neither under the jurisdiction of ASIO (who look after bananas) or ASIS (who look after prawns).

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    I used to work at the seafood section of a popular Woolworths store and encountered customers like this every now and again.

    The funny thing is that when people behave in an entitled manner, staff are so much more likely to refuse to help you.

    On the contrary, if you are polite and don't act like you are enritled to a product from a private enterprise, we will go above and beyond for you. Some customers act like Woolworths is a government organisation and act as if denying them a product, attention or a guided tour to an item is an offence to their civil rights.

    Seriously, give it a go. Ask a staff member how their day is, make a joke, tell a stupid story - you'll get better quality products and better service.

    You need to remember that maybe 10% of the people you see in store are pursuing a career with the company. They don't care about your opinion of the larger business.

  • if the stock at the back has a different expiry date than the stock that was on stale, then it might not have been on sale.

  • THIS IS OZBARGAIN! kicks ww emp to back area

  • If the manager had the employee's back they would have said there was no more stock. The customer didn't have a right to assess the store's stock levels. End of.

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