Engine Noise on Honda Civic 2010


Recently, I'm hearing louder than usual engine noise with vibrations on startup and on reversing out of my garage. The noise and vibrations seems to settle when engine is put into drive.

I tried looking in the engine bay while engine is on and cannot isolate the noise nor have a clue where I should be even looking.

FYI, engine oil, transmission fluid, and coolant levels are correct.

Help appreciated, thanks


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    Search in a Honda forum. You will get better responses as it may be a common problem. Also, go to a mechanic.

  • How old is the oil?
    Levels might be good, but if it's out of spec, then it wont be lubricating properly.

    • Curious when you say "out of spec" do you mean the wrong viscosity ?

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    Engine mount gone? Could be many things… impossible to guess this one on a forum.
    Need a mechanic to look at it.

  • Could be that the/a engine mounts are worn allowing the engine to move.

    Also (i reckon this) you might have faulty firing in a cylinder. - it smooths out at higher revs. Start be replacing spark plugs.

  • Base idle is out. Stepper motor needs a clean/reset.

    It's all a bit vague. Could be any number of things. Take it to a mechanic to have a look at it in person.

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    84% of all commenters recommend: Take to a mechanic

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      Not a valid scenario until you ask OzBargain first though

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        We need a poll to really sort it out…

        a: Take to mechanic
        b: Ask people on OzB to take random pot shots.

  • when was the last time you had the car serviced?

  • I confirmed it's more a vibration issue than noise when switching gears and is most noticeable when on the reverse gear, it vibrates alot! so far my research is suggesting an engine mount problem, which is a common problem for civic FD 2006-2011.

    FYI, spark plugs and engine oil recently replaced/refreshed

    • Mount engine indeed. I have similar issues and my technician confirmed it.

  • Dammit Hector you need to get that sorted before Racewars

  • Is it a CVT? Sounds like it could be a gearbox issue maybe it needs a oil change If the sound goes away after the gearbox is hot.

  • CVT shudder if cold in reverse. You could try new oil and see if that calms it down, or just bite the bullet and reco the tranny.

    • shudders even idling on startup ?

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    Mechanic confirmed right engine mount failure, which is common for civic FD 2006-2011.
    I went with Kelpro over OEM as I wanted it done today - hopefully it will last OK enough.

    • btw, how much did they charge you to fix it?

      • I guessing too much at $419 installed with standard 2 year warranty.

        • Update: kelpro engine mount failed after 2 years. Now replaced with genuine Toyota engine mount, which I did myself this time. Should last a lot longer this time.

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