expired 2 Free Meals + 1 Free Promo Meal (Min Spend $68.90) @ Youfoodz


3 Free Melas from youfoodz. Add 3 meals to your cart it will then deduct one meal and make it free. Add the code freefood to receive 2 more free meals. There is a $68.90 minimum spend. It’s a good deal for anyone who loves youfoodz meals.

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    Still $6.20 a meal.. No deal. Especially with all the crap they put in the meals these days.

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    I was able to stack Autumn Faves (6 meals), 1 new meal ($8.95 deducted in cart), and 2 other full price meals ($19.90 deducted with code) for total of 9 meals for $49 - average of $5.45ea


      Thanks, got same deal


      Thanks. Did the same deal.


      How’d you manage that? I’ve tried doing what you did and I get the free meal and I can only get it down to $57 or so. What meals did you end up getting? Feeling pretty dumb right now. :/ :(

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        Add autumn faves pack, add any meal with the orange ‘new’ tag on it, add any 2 of the regular $9.95 meals, enter promo code


          Cheers mate, I didn’t realise Autumn Dave’s was under the specials section.
          Thanks for your help!


        The way zhuntai wrote it made it look like the Autumn Faves + 3 meals were added but you can only add 2 meals + the autumn faves special for $49

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          It is Autumn Faves + 3 meals for $49.

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          Yeah reads funny but the promo is for any of the meals labelled 'new' as per the menu and the enormous banner on the landing page :P.

          Edit: oh and you should definitely be able to get faves pack (6 meals) and an additional 3 meals on top of that.

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    If you spend the minimum, it comes down to $49.00 payable. So 9 meals for 49.00 is pretty good. $5.40 each meal.

    OP might want to update that.


    That's about as good a deal as they've offered. Thanks.

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    Got 9 meals for $49 per the above - just moved out of home so this is helpful until I stock up on cooking utensils (and experience) - thanks OP.

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    $20 shipping to Perth?? :(


    Is this still working? I added the Autumn favs pack and 3 meals and it's only coming down to $59?