MSY April Fool's

Seems like they're selling RTX cards on the online shopping page but GTX cards (and RX Vega 56) on the Parts Pricelist PDF
EDIT: Nevermind. It was probably their April Fool's joke. It's back to normal now.

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MSY Technology
MSY Technology


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    or is there something wrong with the website?

    There's about 35 things wrong with their website. It still looks like they copied it from Geocities.

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      My favourite bit is the visitor counter

      • I was trying to learn how to make such wonderful things in my early teens, hahaa

        • Yeah counters are nice so you know how many unique users you get viewing your pages…or how many times, overal the pae gets viewed…….could just use a third party counter….but then you have to bend over to their rules and such and if you don't like them, well then they'll tell you to fek off………so I guess it is better to just create your own counter……and put it on your website…..

      • …I thought the counter was real…..

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      They have a beta out for their site:

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        …which is nearly completely broken.

      • ooooh, that looks much more modern….

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