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Xiaomi offers innovative products that focus on quality and efficiency for everyone. Check out their range of Electric Scooters, Mobile Phones, Fitness Trackers, Headphones, Power Banks, and Smart Home Devices.


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  • On a related Xiaomi, I was waiting for my car to get detailed, and went for a walk down Springvale Rd in Glen Waverley, and opposite the swimming pool I saw a sign that they are opening a "Xiaomi and Segway Experience Centre"

  • Those prices though…

    20000mAh 2C is on there for $49.95 when it is frequently posted on OzBargain for ~$30.

    • yeah I have been checking the prices. They are quite higher than ozbargain deals we see a few times a week. Though for some it's quicker to get these and also the local warranty … I believe.

    • Prices will fall over time as the initial RRPs are needed to be able to provide discounted offers. Also you're comparing grey imports with AU stock, quick delivery and Amazon's legendary support and warranty.

      Not interested in Xiaomi's brand offerings at all but this is great to keep up competition and lower pricing for other items.

      Comparative pricing is where you compare the sale price of a product or service to a former price. For example 'was–now' advertising, strike-through pricing and comparisons with the Recommended Retail Price (RRP). If you are in any way misleading or untruthful when advertising a price comparison, you are in breach of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010.


  • Mi Band 3 is $60 and I paid $50 for it brand new from Ali.
    You can even get the NFC one from Ali right now for $45.

    At least with Prime you would get whatever you ordered in a few days.

  • So if I buy a phone there it is 2 years Australian Warranty?

  • I would be curious to see if the 'Mi official account' really is official. Because they certainly aren't on other marketplaces like AliExpress.

    Looks like most of the products anyway are being sold by 3rd party accounts - e.g. Mostly Melbourne. I've reached out to Xiaomi and will see what they say.

    • I received this email from Amazon. So I think it's the real Xiaomi. I am not 100% sure.

      • You need to check the "Sold by" on each listing. I have access to a few seller accounts on Amazon and we could literally sell any brand.

  • Overpriced compared to AliExpress.

  • Just one item.. the redmi note 5 4/64 is $90 more than B&H Photo and they sell the enhanced network version and include DHL Express delivery.
    Feedback on products is copied from Amazon.com.


    is there any xiaomi official reseller in aus for mobiles…. I was thinking of getting mi9

  • too expensive, this defeats the purpose of Xiaomi products anyway, in China, Xiaomi is known for price-slasher

  • I have been waiting for a good deal on the Xiaomi headphones.

    The exact model I forget but it was around the $20 mark, not the basic pistons.

    Anyone know a reliable place I can get more?

  • I doubt it an Official Xiaomi Store.

    Sold by: Miratra Pty Ltd

    • There are a number of items sold by the “Mi Official Store”. The search just brings up any seller.

  • Good luck to them with those prices….

  • Okay guys I've spoke to both customer service at Xiaomi and someone I know who works there… unofficial. There are currently no official Xiaomi channels in Australia, just resellers.

    • Thanks a lot for confirming this, and good luck to them with these prices.

    • I agree it seems dubious given this lack of news from xiaomi, but the seller claims to be in "partnership with technology company Xiaomi" (from their 'official' website https://www.mi-store.com.au/xiaomi-launch-in-australia claims. )

      It's also been featured in the AFR https://www.afr.com/technology/mobiles-and-tablets/chinese-t... so there's a possibility it's true, or it could just be a well executed con.

      • It's a well executed con. Simple whois on the mi-store.com.au tells us interesting information…

        Registrant Contact Name: Daniel Wang
        Registrant Contact Email: [email protected]
        Registrant: PANMI PTY LTD
        Registrant ID: ABN 41623111820

        Though they have claimed to have reached an agreement with Xiaomi on some obscure websites. Entirely possible this is true, or they're like Gearbite and others where they're simply reselling rather than being 'official'.

        • Reached out to them re the Mi9 they have listed on Amazon Aus.

          It ships from their HK warehouse so gst is payable on the listed price and they provide no warranty what so ever.

          Purchased 2 Global mi9 with 128gb from Ali express with free shipping for $1422AUS.

  • has anyone got the Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker (the long rectangle one)? I've had mine for about a year, and recently the bluetooth connection will drop after about 10 secs of being connected. I've tried on multiple phones, and it's all the same thing. Does anyone know if there's anyway to "reset" the device? There's no mention on the (very limited) user guide

  • If big time medias are reporting about it, it'd be kind of a big deal, right? First I saw AFR reporting it then next I saw this. Pretty excited for their products tbh, albeit their price is a little higher. But hey, I guess you'd be paying for the after sales