Cedar Shoe Trees

Does anyone know where I can get a pair for under $40 posted?


  • Shoes made of trees, or trees made of shoes?

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    Took me 5 seconds and I'm sure there are cheaper options. Link. Perhaps try doing a search before posting.

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      Thanks - bought this one. Don’t just assume I haven’t searched myself - it just didn’t show up on a recent ebay search for some reason.

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        I literally googled cedar shoe trees and maybe 5 or so links all came up under <$40.

  • i've been using the ikea ones in my shoes for a few years

  • Peter's of Kensington

    • I tried Peter's but they were too big.

  • I got mine ebay for around $30 delivered, no issues with them so far

  • Daiso sells very cheap wood (not cedar) shoe trees, though they're not very substantial.