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Wiltshire StaySharp Knifeblock 6pc $59 Delivered @ Harris Scarfe


Regular $229.95, now $59* exclusively online.


Acacia knifeblock
1x Santoku (General-Purpose Kitchen Knife)
1x Carving Knife
1x Sandwich Knife
1x Utility Knife
1x Paring Knife
Inbuilt Staysharp Technology

20 Year Warranty backed by Whiltshire Staysharp


Wiltshire is an iconic Australian brand synonymous with quality, reliability and value-for-money for over 70 years.

Wiltshire StaySharp knives have been developed to suit all kitchen cutting tasks, from peeling to chopping and carving. With contoured handle designs for comfort, and fine edge blades for ease when using.

You'll never have to worry about blunt knives again with this newly designed angle knifeblock which features the trademark StaySharp self sharpening technology.

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      different set….

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    "Save $170.95" ….. LOL

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    hmm the knives in the big w thing looks different.

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    Go into any Big W store and you should be able to get a Wiltshire 6 piece set for about $80 (6 piece, 15 yr warranty), however both the online and store versions in Big W seem to be older designs. My only concern is that if we need to refund these for whatever reason, or theyre faulty, do they go back to Harris Scarfe or do customers have to chase up Wiltshire?

    The one in this post also seems to be an older design/model compared to whats on their site currently:

    Nevertheless a good deal for a quality product and the OP forgot to mention FREE SHIPPING (once you add it to your cart and go to see the contents of your cart, it says Free Shipping $0.00 so definately not worth a negative vote imo.

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    Thanks Trishool - Yes it is free delivery on the knife block.

    Regarding the Big W version it is being compared to, you can see that the blade comes half way up the knife in the Big W version, this is considered 'half tang' & generally speaking the lowest level of quality. A 'full tang' (blade that runs all the way) is of much better quality, whilst in the Harris Scarfe model, the blade and knife is one and the same. If you cook, it actually feels much better in your hands as well.

    More info in this article.

    Semantics aside, for an extra $1, you getting a better quality knife, free delivery and an extra 5 year warranty.

    You do the maths

    • And the spelling ;) Wiltshire has an excess h in the heading.

    • Sounds good. Please add "Free Delivery" to your title.

      Also, in terms of warranty, does the buyer go back to Harris Scarfe or Wiltshire? I would like to know this before I buy. I have been looking at Wiltshire blocks for a while now and really need a decent set of knives.

      Before I buy, two more questions:

      1. What does the warranty cover? Ie, blades going blunt? chipping? etc
      2. Are the blades "StaySharp" blades?
      • "20 Year Warranty backed by Whiltshire Staysharp". Sounds like you'd deal with Whiltshire. Although of course you're also covered by Australian statutory warranty, so if they're faulty within a period that you'd "reasonably expect" them to not be faulty, the seller is responsible for repair/replacement.

      • Thanks for the corrections,

        Whilst we have a 14 day change of mind policy, if the product is defective, you have the choice of either returning it to Harris Scarfe or contact McPherson's Consumer Products directly, which ever is most convenient to you. McPherson's is the company that owns the Wiltshire StaySharp brand.

        Regarding the 20 year Guarantee, the following is printed on the box:
        "McPherson's Consumer Products guarantees this product to be free from defects in original material and workmanship for twenty years. McPherson's will at its discretion repair or replace unsatisfactory product that is returned to the point of purchase. This guarantee does not extend to any damage caused my misuse of the product, or damage to other property through use or misuse of the product."

        The blades are branded Whiltshire StaySharp.

        Hope that answers your questions


        • Thanks for all your feedback.

          Sorry I have one last question, you mention there is a Santoku knife in it (general purpose kitchen knife). Does this Santoku knife have the small rivets in it to form air pockets in order to prevent meat/veges from sticking?

  • Hi Trishool - No problems.

    The Santoku has a standard flat edged blade.


    • Hi mate,

      Just wanted to give you feedback on this deal. Received my set of knifes a few days ago. The Santoku knife does have the rivets in it which was a great surprise. The knives look so beautiful compared to the ones that come with a black/wooden handle. Great deal for such a beautiful and sharp set of knifes. Best purchase ever!

  • Looks like a good deal, l especially like the built in knife sharpener. Just purchased as a gift for my mother-in-law who has the bluntest, most ancient & wobbly knives l've ever come across!

  • "You must be a hs friend to get the deal of the week. So sign up now!"

    Edit: I was worried that was another Facebook thing

  • I'm not their FB friend & l have successfully purchased.

    • phew Thanks

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    I'm having problems using the checkout. As I try to progress through the checkout I am bumped back to my cart at a random point of the process each time. The furthest I have gotten is submitting my payment details, but instead of proceeding to the confirmation page I am bumped back to the cart contents. This problem occurs with all the browsers installed on my system: Comodo Dragon, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

    • I've successfully ordered using Safari on my iPhone.

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    Good deal. I was at BigW today to get their Knives set but good that they are out of stock as I only notice this post after I got home.
    Tried placing an order but it keeps looping back to "Your Cart" and not allowing me to "Review & Payment" part.
    I am a member of HS but it got into a loop when trying to pay :(

    • Same. The payment process sends me into a loop. Instead of taking me to the Confirmation section, it takes me back to the first page. I have been trying to purchase this since yesterday and cant tell if it has charged my credit card until tomorrow. Please fix as I want to purchase this asap and would like the free delivery. I have not received any email notification saying that I am now a HS member either. I have tried with IE 8 and Firefox 4.

      • My card definitely hasn't been charged.

  • Sorry to hear that you guys are having issues and thanks for letting us know. I've got our web developers looking into the issue. If you would like, feel free to either call (03) 9863 2200 or send your details to [email protected] and ask for Online Marketing regarding the Deal of the Week, I'd be happy to try and troubleshoot you through the process.

    • Hi mate,

      I just tried again and was able to successfully place an order. Email confirmation received. Thanks for the proactive fix :)

    • Thanks, I was the one who called and you were able to process it over the phone.

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