ALDI Lazzio Coffee - Ground?

I recall folks seems to be able to get the Lazzio Coffee beans grounded? Because all am seeing is those beans and none of the grind version.

Or do they mean that they ground the beans themselves at home?


  • I think they only sell the 1kg in bean form, but from memory they do sell smaller pre-ground bags too.

    If you grind the beans yourself, you'll get a significantly better experience. Even a cheap blade grinder would be superior to buying pre-ground coffee, but ideally a burr grinder (even a used one) would do a better job.


      a cheap blade grinder is very meh. - tried it with lazzio beans and gave up.

      but yeah, only 1kg as beans. 500g for ground

      • 500g ground version? I look for it, couldn't seem to find one last time.

      • Of course, but still better than buying pre-ground. It's important to shake the blade grinder as you go to get a decent grind - here's a good video with some clever tips for getting the best out of a blade grinder:

        There's heaps of burr grinders available second hand too, which I definitely would recommend.


          Yeh, i bought a small hand burr grinder from aliexpress. The grind is fantastic but the effort is tedious. Am going adjust the centre spindle to be attachable to my makita corless drill.

  • Pre-ground will always be worse. Moreso if it was ground a while ago, and especially once you open the pack.

    Get an affordable burr hand grinder like a Skerton and grind as you go. Beans will hold longer, taste better, and more affordable.