TM Lewin Vs Charles Tyrwhitt Ties

(First post, be extra nice to me)

Hi everyone!

Recently I took advantage of the CT 3 for 99 shirts deal - I'm extremely impressed with the quality and service. Now I'm in the market for some ties.

Does anyone have some advice on CT vs TML ties? Particularly interested in quality. One little thing is that my ideal width is 7cm, which TML does but CT only does 6.5 and 8.

I've found it really hard to find good ties at even at a reasonable high price both at brick and mortars at online. If anyone has any other suggestions feel free to throw them in.


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Charles Tyrwhitt
Charles Tyrwhitt


  • I’ll be honest I own tm lewin ties, three to be exact and for what you pay the quality is decent. The one downside I have is the quality of silk isn’t anything in comparison to higher quality ties - gieves and Hawkes, t&a

  • If you want cheap ties there are better alternatives out there, but also think if you want to drop $50 on a tie you could get better quality than the ones they offer.
    Only basing that on the one TM tie I have which is pretty good but isn’t noticeably better than cheaper ties I have purchased

  • +1

    Have you checked out thetiebar ? USD $20 per tie… But many options and great quality. Delivery is reasonable when you order a few.
    Haven't ordered in a few years though

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