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[SA] Costco Non-Member Weekend - $5 Donation for Entry @ Costco, Kilburn


Cupboards looking a little bare? Why not fill them up at Costco!

Our friends at Costco will be opening their doors to non-members for one weekend in April in support of the WCH Foundation Beach House.

For a $5 donation, non-members can shop at Costco on Saturday 6 April 2019, 10am – 5pm and Sunday 7 April 2019, 11am – 5pm. Terms and conditions apply*

Non-Member VIP days on 6-7 April 2019 in South Australia only – 404-406 Churchill Rd, Kilburn

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  • $5 per person?

  • +5 votes

    Well it takes an eternity to get in and out at the best of times… good luck.

    • One of the reasons I canceled my membership last year. They need self serve for 10 items or less, and they need more checkouts open in busier times. It's like paying to shop at a large Aldi warehouse.


        Yeah I often had walked in wanting 2-3 items at most, and have to wait for a lineup of people with multiple trolleys each…. awful.

    • Never really had much of a problem in Victoria. Although we did have to wait for the people who put $1000 through the till in front of us yesterday. There was a morbid curiosity as to what it was going to cost. The really annoying bit was the lady deciding to find her credit card after it had all gone through. FFS lady, you had plenty of time to find it earlier. We normally only buy a few things as well but it is, also, a great way to build up your 10k steps a day.


        Unfortunately it's the sole store. No idea why they don't open more…

        I've seen atleast 100 lining up before it opened on a normal Sunday.

  • Weekends are the absolute worst time to visit Costco SA. Unfortunately I can't go during the week. On weekends it's not uncommon to see so many cars waiting for fuel that they spill out into the car park and create traffic jams. I'm not sure if waiting 20+ minutes for fuel and saving maybe $10 is a good deal. The store is very crowded and sometimes difficult to walk through.

    • That ridiculous car park layout doesn't help either. There are (secret?) parks behind Costco you can get to from the south driving in through the gates near Aldi if they're open, or from the north along side Costo.

    • Agree.

      I usually go on a weekday to avoid the busy line up.

      I've had two hit and runs at Costco and a few hits from a trolley :(

      The fuel at Costco sucks anyways, it drains quickly and you're better getting fuel filled elsewhere.

  • The WCH Foundation is awesome - probably worth donating at least a fiver regardless of if you're going to Costco.

  • If there are specials or bargains, can someone upload?

  • +1 vote

    Paying $5 to get in to a Costco?
    On a weekend?

    Yeah… nup. I'm a member and NO WAY I'd go to Costco on a weekend. Especially on a promo weekend.

    Waaaaaaaay too many people. I hate people.

    • I know the feeling but the Costco checkout people seem to be pretty efficient at getting people through. However, I do agree avoid the weekends. The only problem is there are less tastings mid week.

  • Just wondering if anyone knows do you get a receipt for the $5.00 donation or do Costco get the tax deduction for all the donations