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½ Price Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream Tubs 457ml $5.75 @ Coles

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    I wish they had better or not variety of flavours

  • Only those 3 flavours for haagen daz. Strawberry not part of the deal?

    • Can't find it on their website, might be instore?

  • Need chocolate

  • My favorite ice-cream.

  • +7

    The salted caramel one is amazing

    • How does it compare to speculoos?

      • I haven't tried that yet but I bought a whole pile of Ben & Jerry's on the freezer sale and the caramel one of these and it was my favourite. If you like salted caramel or just love caramel in general like I do it's definitely at least worth a try.

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    Why can't I see the ingredient listing? Frustrating

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      50% sugar, 50% other unhealthy stuff.

      I do like them tho.

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    they are so conservative on what flavours they bring in to oz. theyve been here afew years now and still havent brought in the good flavours like butter pecan, cherry vanilla, rum raisin etc

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    Buy Australian ice cream.

    Harry's, Peters (connoisseur), Golden North, etc

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      I would if they tasted half as good as Haagen…

  • have you guys tried the speculaas flavour? If you havnt, give it a shot and let me know if it becomes your favourite :D

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    shame I can't find the chocolate one anymore :/

  • Can you guys help me find out which brand has the best Cookies & Cream flavour?

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      I think Bulla creamy classics would be up there in the cookies 'n cream stakes…

    • Sara Lee

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      Connoisseur C&C is immensely good.

      • +1

        Yeah, Connoisseur is good (gets better when on 1/2)

        Haven't tried the Bulla and Sara Lee

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      I suggest you try Monarc Cookies and Cream from ALDI… Easily my favorite right now.

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    $3.50 at NQR. Stuff Coles

  • Have they stopped the chocolate flavour? Can't find it anywhere

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      Ben and Jerry's have a good chocolate one if you're looking for a premium alternative (their free cone day is tom btw)

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      It's available at 711. They normally have a lot more flavors for Ben and Jerry's too. The price is only $0.5-1 more than RRP at supermarkets + its handy. I have lost 6.5KGs this year by not stocking Ice Cream, Chocolate and Chips at home. Most of the time the effort of getting in the car and driving to get it is a big deterrent. Turn's out the half price Coles/Worth deals were making me fat. But I will be buying a tub at this price.

  • There are some short dated Haagen Dazs tubs for $4 at the 7-11 store on the corner of Druitt and Kent Sts in Sydney.

  • tried the salted caramel today. It's definitely good but I felt it's a bit overrated. Personally, find Ben&Jerry better

  • Having salted caramel now it's yum

  • Manga and Raspberry is also really nice