closed Win 1 of 100 $10 Coles eGift Cards +/- $5,000 VISA Gift Card from Mars Australia



Closing Date 21/04/2019 11:59pm


Description $5,000 VISA Gift Card; $10 Coles eGift Card x 100.
No. of Prizes 101
Total Prize Pool $ 6,000.00

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit One per person
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites n/a


Play the Bunny Code Game to identify a correct 3-word code and a corresponding map location.

The Game has 3 rounds:
1. Entrants who successfully complete Round 1 will receive a return online message on whether you have instantly won a prize and if so, details on how to verify entry and claim prize.
2. To play Rounds 2 and 3, follow the instructions in the promotional emails for each round after playing the previous round.
3. Entrants who have successfully played each of Round 1, 2 and 3 (and provided the same contact details on the online entry form for each round) will receive an entry into the Major Draw.


$10 Coles eGift card.

$5,000 VISA gift card.

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    Anyone got the three word clue.


    It has me quite perplexed! I was trying Leaves and Grapes for the first and last based on that icon, but couldn't get the middle one - and not sure if that was even on the right track or not!

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    Clues on Facebook. A ladder, 2 taps and a sock with Ayers Rock or Uluru, Sydney opera house and Flinders street station.

  • +7 votes

    Ladder. Taps. Sock.


    I also got the email with a?Rosetree ? Microbe/germ/bacteria and ?Sumo wrestler or baby. I’ve spent hours trying various words for each of these and still had no luck. The Guard/Cling/Radio didn’t work for me. Did it work for anyone else?
    I’ve also downloaded an app called what three words as it appears every area in the world has a name by 3 words?!
    I’ve also seen 3 clues on, which looks like a ?Frog/Toad and ? Broken link and ? Hill/mound/rock


    Now I’m confused. I rechecked the and it turns out I had them in the wrong order. I “found” a bunny with Broken/Hills/Frog. When entering my details they said I can only enter once per campaign. Obviously I need to go back and check the T&C’s!


    Hi all, having troubles with rescuing bunny 2! not sure how other people are going with this?

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    Bunny 2 - Rosebush. Bacteria. Sumo.

    Bunny 3 - Mortar. Plug. Spoons.


      I’ve tried all those words and they don’t work for me? This is very frustrating

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        You need to click on the link in your email. You cannot just try random codes.


          Thank you for that, it worked! 😃


            @L VR69: I got my email with what looks like Rose bush, Bacteria/virus, Sumo/baby.
            It opens the website on Sydney with the works Guard, Cling, Radio.

            What am I supposed to do now?

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              @nhs84: It appears you have to enter the correct words from the link in your email. So; click on the link and when it opens on the website, type in the words Rosebush/Bacteria/Sumo and fill in your details. They will send you another email with another 3 images Mortar/Plug/Spoons 😃


    Thanks for the code words. 😀


    Thanks for the help :)

    Referral link if anyone wants to start sharing :)


    Thanks for the codes.
    Here's my link for the sharing too: