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Easter Hamper with Mitchelton Shiraz and Ferrero Chocolates (19L011) $29.35 Delivered (Normally $66) @ Hamper World


This Gift is filled with lots of goodies and includes Mitchelton Shiraz and Ferrero Chocolates. Perfect as an Easter Gift to Spoil Yourself.

Normal Price is $59 + $7 Delivery = $66
Deal Price is $29.35 with coupon code OZBARGAIN5
($59 - $36.65 = $22.35 + $7 Delivery = $29.35)

Ferrero Collection 359g
The Rolling Wafer Company Wafer Rolls 75g
Chocolatier Mini Treat Box 40g
Chocolatier Pure Indulgence Twin Pack 30g
Biscuit House Jam Shortbread 50g
Biscuit House Shortbread Treats 50g
Superior Liquorice Co Milk Chocolate Coated Liquorice Bites 150g
Eight Mini Milk Chocolate Eggs
Mitchelton Shiraz 750ml
All 16 products will be packaged in a Signature Hamper World Tin

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  • Interestingly, I can't find that particular wine anywhere online (to compare the wine RRP with the total hamper cost). Maybe it is an export order surplus.

    Still looks overpriced to me, but obviously not as much as the full price would be.

    • https://mitchelton.com.au/wines/

      Have a look at their site

      • Thanks, had already done that but cannot see that label anywhere. Which specific wine (on their site) is it?
        Is it the 2017 'The Bend' Shiraz, or the 2017 'Preece Heathcote' Shiraz?

        • +1

          I had a bottle of this wine recently - as part of the Mitchelton Easter Hamper - and it is the best Shiraz I have ever had. I emailed photos of the bottle to the company that made it (Mitchelton Wines) over a week ago - trying to find out where I could buy some more - and unfortunately have had no response. As a result, I have bought more of this hamper just to get the Shiraz again (as I couldn't find it anywhere for sale on its own). I know that opinions on wine are a very subjective area - but I loved it. When I consider that an average Shiraz might be around $20 … to get a hamper that has other things included AND a decent bottle of Shiraz - it is too good of a deal to ignore.

          • @maxmad: Fair comments, and I'm glad you enjoyed the wine, but in respect to assessing if this is a bargain or not, we are still in the dark.
            Leaving aside other labels of Shiraz, Mitchelton (on their own site) are offering:
            - 2016 Mitchelton Shiraz (different vintage, different label) at $22
            - 2016 Heathcote Shiraz (different vintage, different label) at $40
            - 2013 Print Shiraz (different vintage, different label) at $80
            - 2017 The Bend Shiraz (same vintage, different label) at $15
            - 2017 Preece Heathcote Shiraz (same vintage, different label) at $20

            Even if we assume that the wine is worth $20, for me that still makes this hamper overpriced at $29.35 (unless it can be picked up for cheaper).

          • @maxmad: The wine is a special blend that is made exclusively for Hamper World. It sits between "the bend" and their white label wine.
            if you have any further questions about the wine feel free to contact us on 1800 566 433 during the week.

  • $ 22.35 +$7 Delivered

  • Thanks , ordered one.

  • +1

    I think it's a great price for a gift 'delivered', Doubt if I could buy similar items locally, package them in a gift tin and post them australia wide for $30 and still make a profit.
    My only criticism of the description is

    All 16 products will be packaged in a ……

    I would class 8 Mini eggs as one product, not 8, If your going to go down that route then why not add the Furry Rocket (as my wife calls them) as 32 items-

    • But the furry rockets come in a box (snigger) so they're one item.

  • I ordered one but didn't receive any order confirmation email. Is this normal?

  • all orders receive an email confirmation. the only reason why an email wont be sent would be an incorrect address was entered while ordering

    • I can confirm the address was correct as I could see it my Paypal payment email I received right after ordering.

    • IF it helps, Order ID:50655

  • OP , Please post another Easter hamper deal as this one has now sold out.

  • +1

    Opened this today. Enjoyed that the wine was in a box (even unlabelled) within the tin, I know ones I’ve ordered in the past the bottle was loose.

    For anyone gifting this and is curious, earliest best before date was 31/5 on the wafers, and the ferro box best before is 4/7.

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