Best way of buying a refurbished / used iMac or Macbook for iMovie and Final Cut Pro use only?

My mum is videographer and she uses my computer for final cut pro and imovie. Im moving across states next semester for university, so she needs her own.

Where can i get a good macbook / imac that can go that sort of stuff for a lot cheaper than brand new or ebay prices because i feel like ebay is really expensive with 2015 imacs selling for $1200 when u can get ones for the same price with worse display.

anyone know anything or can help please let me know.

also if you are selling or know someone trying to sell im happy to organize something with you


  • Probably the same places that you look for other computer stuff. Auctions (Graysonline etc), universities getting rid of older models, Gumtree and Facebook. It is a competitive market. If someone on ebay has a lot though, they might be a little negotiable. If you can get one straight from apple, it may be better as you avoid fakes.

  • Keep an eye on MegaBuy and Renewd, and, of course, Apple's own store, but only around 15% off RRP.

    Sometimes, Kogan and Catch may have refurbished MacBook on sale as well.

    For FCP usage, you better get Macbook Pro 15 with dGPU or an iMac.

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    hackintosh - A PC running osX

    • I second this, quite easy if you are computer savvy. The alternative, which is what I do, is run OSX in a Virtual Machine using VMware Workstation. Its not too bad, if you have a powerful PC to begin with.