Non-memory foam mattresses.

Hoping to get recommendations on mattresses that aren't memory foam ones. (body impression, I sweat easily in a hot bed).

1). Not a memory foam mattress.
2). Side sleepers friendly.
3). Good price.
4). Little to no partner disturbance.

I'm getting a Zzz to sleep on temporarily but looking for a long term solution that won't sag terribly after months or a year.


  • Isn't the zzz one so cheap you could theoretically buy one every few years and still be in front (compared to other mattresses that cost in the thousands)? Perhaps not practical or environmentally friendly I suppose…

  • Jeez, no one understood my joke…anyway with mattresses it really is YMMV.

    If you are ok with a bed in a box model, I chose based on reviews and the fact it's hybrid pocket springs and foam (see FAQ), not just foam. Other hybrid I considered was Sleeping Duck, but it was more exy.

    Have had it for about a year, no real complaints. The only issue is they say it has edge support…the edge support is probably better than a foam mattress, but not as good as a name brand.

    In terms of my experience with bed in a box mattresses, I've only briefly laid down on a Koala mattress.

    Most have risk free trial periods, so I suppose no risk trying until you find one you like, but also, there isn't much long term data/feedback on them in relation to sagging, they've only been around for a few years.

    • I bought a Koala mattress, and the thing smelled so bad it made the Mrs dizzy, had to return it but they did say it would smell for a few days