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LEGO Tie Fighter UCS 75095 $159.20 Delivered @ David Jones


David Jones has discounted the UCS TIE Fighter from $299 to $199.

They also have a 20% discount when added to bag, making it $159.20.

This is nearly half price. Best valued UCS you will find. Better be quick before they pick up on the discount stacking!

CS 5%
SB 5.5%

Updating this post:

Series 16 Minifigs - $2.40 each


Series 17 minifigs - $2.40 each


Simpsons minifigs - $2.40 each


Ninjago minifigs - $3.20 each


Rey - $8


Finn - $12


J Erso - $12


Donnie Yen - $12


Baze - $12


Batgirl - $8


Beast - $8


Anna & Olaf - $16


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David Jones
David Jones

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  • Lord Vader

  • Classic DJs with double stacking on discount codes. Got a Dyson vacuum the same way many years ago.

  • Want to buy it… Don't need to buy it… Definately shouldn't buy it. Bought it.

  • Lame … had it in shopping cart and went to check out … Item no longer available


    • same here…

    • Yeah, me too! (Forgot my David Jones login…haven’t bought from them in ages!)

      Ah well, I already have 2 still sitting in boxes (one to build as a Tie Fighter, and one to mod into a Tie Interceptor)…would have been sweet to have 2x Fighters flanking the Interceptor (or vice versa), though! :)

  • Received order confirmation, however checked order status showing cancelled. Lol

  • Paid $206.95 in 2018 as an investment piece… not looking good for me

    • You won't be able to judge whether it is a 'good investment' as it's still available retail.

  • Did anyone manage to get the Tie Fighter?
    Most of those are not in stock and some are only available for pickup in specific DJ stores.

    • I ordered about 10 mins after the deal was posted and my order went through. Just checked the order status and it says "at dispatch" so I might have been I've if the lucky ones.

  • Sorry some of you missed out, but I bought a TIE fighter. Also a few minifigs, although you can get in store with the 20% discount

    • Did they cancel your order? I didn’t receive cancellation email, but order status is showing cancelled from my account. I don’t think you would get extra 20% off instore as the discount is not applied to toys. It would be an error online hence they cancelled the order.

  • David Jones must have an insider in OzBargain.

  • That was quick ! 40 minutes since this deal was posted and already out of stock

  • Not really a bargain. if you search oz bargain for this tie fighter, it was selling for this and less 2 years ago.

  • Good deal, I blame my wife for asking me to help her with the linen!! It wouldn't surprise me if DJ's cancel all orders/or say 'no stock' I don't think I've ever had an order fulfilled by DJ's!

  • Strange, I just tested with phone and could order using guest checkout via paypal

    So I bought another one….if anyone in Sydney wants it, let me know. Pickup CBD


    • I'll take it if my order gets cancelled lol. And it did. I'll take it if you don't want it

      • Wow, what terrible service! You’re in ACT? Check gumtree - you’ll find me in the most recent posts :)

  • I ordered but probably get cancelled

    Edit: cancelled already hah

  • I remember getting a huge bucket of standard lego blocks 35 years ago when I was a kid. Lots more hours/days/years of fun compared to all this make one item only stuff.

    • What if I told you that you don't necessarily have to follow the instructions? I think they even made some kind of movie based on Lego about it…