Kogan TV's (4k) With Samsung Panels??

Just wondering if anybody knows which Kogan TV's (4k) have Samsung panels? TIA.


  • Don't they usually make a big deal about the brand of panel inside and on the same time making sure to withhold any information about the grade of the panel or how crappy their hardware and software implemented around that would be?

  • Don't forget that panel manufacturers will be making panels to various price points. Having a Samsung panel is mostly a marketing gimmick for Kogan so you can be sure they will make sure you know about it. Sadly there is no reason to believe it will mean it's any better than the other TVs which use AUO or BOE panels etc. Kogan will be using the cheaper panels that no Samsung branded TV will ever use, it will then use lower quality LED back-lighting, and then use cheaper generic control boards which may or may not function particularly well with the panel.

    In short, if you want a Kogan TV go for it, they can be a decent cheaper option, but don't use the Samsung branded panel to mislead you to believing you will get Samsung picture quality.

  • It's all about the software and the cpu and memory that the software is running on. Kogan software is terrible. If you plan on just leaving it on a chromecast input or on TV it's OK but if you're switching inputs it can be a nightmare, hard resets, freeze up, slow switching and more. It's not about the panel!