[Price Error] MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Ti GAMING X TRIO 11GB for $1244.00 @ Shopping Express

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Was just browsing some computer graphic card deals and found it.


Not sure how good is this online dealer Shopping Express (maybe someone who has bought things from them can comment?), but this is definitely the best bang for the buck you can get for 2080ti. Normal price is ~$2k

Some highlights:

*MSI the big brand you can trust
*Gaming X series has arguably some of the best designs among all GPUs
*Looks like the 3 Free games deal (Anthem AND Battlefield V AND Metro Exodus) is over? Need someone to confirm
*$1244 is so far the best price there is and I wonder if there's ever gonna be. I've been watching the price of this card for a long time
*AUD, no extra GST, shipping cost included
*Still in stock

EDIT: Looks like the crazy price only lasted for about 50 min lols.
Some folks reported their order got cancelled and refunded, while some others still waiting to see if the shop will honor the deal.

Mod: Price error, purchasers are being refunded. Moved to forums.

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