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Free 2 Months of Kindle Unlimited @ Amazon AU


Enjoy unlimited access to over 1 million books. Listen to thousands of books with Audible narration.
After the 2-month period, you will be charged $13.99/month until you cancel.
You may cancel your subscription at any time by visiting www.amazon.com.au/kucentral and adjusting your settings.

Existing Kindle Unlimited subscribers are NOT ELIGIBLE

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  • Does anyone know if you can "share" your Kindle Unlimited service? For instance if i have a Kindle Unlimited account, can I give my log in details to my partner for them to also use?

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      Well you can download the same book to 6 different devices. So I'm assuming that you should have that amount of times for whoever you give the account details to. Amazon Prime you can watch from 3 different screens at the same time. Either way you'll be fine

      • I think # of included d'loadable eBooks is 1 / mon, ie,
        if you get any at all with a Free Trial period…?

    • I think you're hoping to use multiple accounts as I was with Kindle. 'Family sharing' type service. They do offer something like this in the US and maybe elsewhere - but unfortunately for us, not in Oz.

      Would be handy, because my wife has to have my account on her Kindle (where we've got the Prime subscription, and the associated 1,000 title Kindle library). She thus ends up with anything that I want to read in the same library. C'mon Amazon…you can do this better!

    • Might me better with the Science, etc.
      VIDEO courses fr TheGreatCoursesPLUS.com[.au]

      I think they let you access 'em from 2 devices

      Any1 know Lynda.com's limit(s)?

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    got it and cancelled so got access until June 12. Thanks op.

  • When cancelling you may be able to get an extra credit also if you select the right option for cancelling. I forget what that is though.

    • It didnt ask me for any options while cancelling.

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        It has for me, but I've usually done it towards the end of the free trial. I'd be surprised if you signed up and cancelled straight away and they'd offer you the free credit. I'd be more inclined to say it's more likely to occur if you cancel towards the end

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          I remember last time, I forgot to cancel and my card was charged.

        • I think you are thinking of audible subscriptions and not kindle unlimited.

  • when is the expiry for this deal?

    • Redeem before 11:59 p.m. (AEST), 30 April 2019.

  • Thanks op!

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    Thanks for the cancelation link! Makes it easier than trying to find how to cancel it!

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    Thanks OP.

    I gave this a try, then searched for a few titles I'd like to read, and they're not in the unlimited catalogue. Searched for those authors…nup. Cancelled. In actuality - this service is not unlimited at all.

    Work a try if you're not after particular authors or titles though - just browse the catalogue and pick up whatever takes your fancy. Just set yourself up a reminder to cancel it before they start billing you. Free for two months is great - $13.99 a month thereafter doesn't seem like great value to me - a library is free after all (just a little more effort).

    When I cancelled, the notice said that any books in my library would remain until the end of the two months, so that's good.

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      Yeah kindle unlimited is pretty awful with selection. Can give this a miss.

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        Yes, there are not a lot of books of your interest in there. I agree of Library as a better alternative for kids.

      • Does this change w/ use of VPN +
        { US or EU or (etc.) } -based
        Amazon account?

        Maybe its fr where publisher has
        "authorized" books to b accessed?

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    Kindle unlimited is a joke

    • Why it is a joke?

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      I got a kindle recently with the assumption that my wife's kindle unlimited subscription would be good for me as well. It turns out that nothing I wanted to read was on kindle unlimited.

      • What @skrot said

        • Are you confusing it with the 'free' service you get with Prime, if so that is shyte. I presume this is the actual paid subscription service for books.

  • Doesn't seem to work for me, I get a page with the message "nfortunately you do not qualify for this promotion either because your country/region settings are not valid for this promotion or your country/region of residence is missing on your account."

    Have followed their link and everything I can find is already set to Australia so not sure what's going on. I've never had kindle unlimited before.

    Edit: found a way to transfer my digital products thing to .au. Was still set to Amazon.com apparently.

  • I remember being excited when Kindle Unlimited got released here so I started researching books I'd like to read. I believe they tried to "hook" you in by their advertising of ONE Harry Potter book and all the rest you had to buy. It also appeared most well known authors weren't included in Kindle Unlimited which kinda made it pointless to join.

    This is good if you're not fussy about authors and are happy to read their books. I find often the free kindle book offers we see here are usually included on Kindle Unlimited.

    If Kindle Unlimited is anything like Audible they'll hound you after the trial is finished then it'll go quiet, give it a bit more time and they'll start hounding you again with cheap offers to come back.

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    What I found useful is that all of the Lonely Planet guidebooks are on Kindle Unlimited. Last year I used a Kindle Unlimited trial when I was travelling in Europe, to get the Lonely Planet guides for Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, UK and Italy free of charge (they're normally about $35-$40 each). Using them on a Kindle app is not as easy as having a printed copy, as you need to jump between different sections all the time, but it was still better than not having them at all, and convenient to have them on my phone.

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    They have a few great titles but about 80% is filled with fly-by-night ebook authors. For $80/year you're better off with Scribd which allows you to read unlimited books from thousands of top authors/top selling books. I am 100% certain Amazon will eventually buy Scribd because it is basically the Netflix version of Amazon Books.

    • Yeah I agree with this. I found it mostly garbage. But another 2 month free trial why not.

  • Thanks OP!

  • This worked for me on an existing account!