Apple Watch Series 3 GPS - 38mm $377 @ Harvey Norman (Price Beat at Officeworks $358.15)


As title. Went to Officework in East Vic Park, WA and they refused to price match as Harvey Norman mentioned "clearance" on the website. Called Officework directly and they price matched over the phone and can be collected in any officework.

Pricematch at Officeworks

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


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    I got the version 4 a little while ago , refurb but perfect,for only $100 more. Its quite a lot better than the 3 and has a much bigger viewing screen.
    Id say the push now will be to get the stock of 3s out, so either spend a little more or wait a minute or two and see the price drop further.


    IMO this product is moot due to its short battery life (there is a limit to what you can do with such a tiny screen, just keep it simple and give us battery life).

    It seems the latest model (series 4) has an issue where the battery swells and pushes out the screen (watched a few YouTube videos saying this happened to them, Apple replaced the watch and it happened again).
    This kind of issue should be prevented by quality control.

    Anyone who has experienced this issue please share your opinion. This may be from people who leave the watch to charge overnight on a daily basis (I know there is over-charge protection built-in to recent chargers/devices. I personally still charge devices and take them off, to get the most distance out if the batteries)

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      I have the Series 3 and 90% of the time when I put the watch on the charger at night it shows ~60% battery still remaining. I feel the battery life is more than adequate. You charge your phone daily so do the watch at the same time. I have never had it run out of battery.


        I use the phone less than average, so I charge it every few days (~3 days).
        I would be happy to charge the Apple Watch daily when it completely replaces the iPhone in function.


        Hi sorry forgot to mention, you are doing the right thing by charging it at 50-60% battery left.
        So yes charging everyday would be a realistic estimate for myself.
        I am sure though there are heavy users who run their Apple Watch until near empty on a daily, and leave it on the charger overnight.

        My suspicions are these are the people who are experiencing swelling batteries as they are putting a tiny battery through a lot of stress on a daily basis.


    I've called OW, they refused to price match since it's a clearance item.

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