Cost to Connect Gas to Existing Property

Hi all,

Has anyone had any experience in getting natural gas connected to your propety? If so, how much did it cost?

There is gas in the street, but no meter at the property.

What did the gas company say when I called them? They asked me to call back during business hours to speak to the metering team.

Thanks for any insights.


  • Try calling back during business hours to speak to the metering team

    • Great idea!

      • Case closed then, thanks for asking. :)

        What tio says below makes perfect sense as the $ vary greatly depeding on your circumstance / needs, so no way for anyone here to give you an accurate/approximate $ value.

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    If it's a brand new hook up, depends on the complexity of the job (gas line in front of your house, or on the other side of the street) you'll be looking at $600 to a few grands. Have you work out what gas appliances you want to install? Got a plumber to plumb your gas? He will be the one working out your gas need (if you can fit in the normal low pressure network or you have to be on the medium pressure) and he will be the one put in the application for a new connection. So best to talk to your/a gas plumber.

  • As above what do you want the gas connection for?

    If it’s only cooking an LPG cooktop and BBQ cylinder is a economical solution.

    Gas HWS or heating will need a street connection, sometimes gas distributors have free street to house connections but the appliance installation and internal house piping can cost a bit.

    Do you know who your local gas distributor is?

  • It won’t be cheap. Digging trenches costs money. Then plumbing through the house won’t be cheap either.

    What will you be using it for? Our gas service costs are over $50 per quarter and we only use a few dollars worth of gas on each bill in summer because it’s only for cooking. The only reason we have it on still is the gas heater on winter which just feels nicer than AC when it’s cold. The cost of gas is only going to go up, so you might find it better to invest in solar panels to save money on energy.

  • Best that I can recall is a few hundred dollars for the initial application, being the only cost from the distributor.

  • I wouldn't bother, gas supply charges are about $1/day, gas prices are rising and it won't be worth it unless you have gas everything and multiple people in the house. I have gas, I love the instant hot water and heating and cooking but if it wasn't already connected I probably wouldn't connect it. The supply charges are more than the bill for the gas itself.

    More economical to get a LPG gas bottle just for cooking, or for cooking and hot water if you want the luxury of gas instant hot water, and get a reverse cycle for heating and cooling (or + evaporative for cooling if you don't live in a humid area). Gas heating is really lovely (it is a moist heat that doesn't dry out your eyeballs like reverse cycle, and makes your house smell super cosy), but it is expensive and there's always the risk of your heater malfunctioning and killing the whole household with carbon monoxide poisoning, so not worth it I don't think.