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[Prime, Backorder] Amazon Basics High-Speed HDMI 2.0 Cable - 1.8m / 6 Feet (3 Pack) - $7.18 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Product Features:

HDMI A Male to A Male Cable: Supports Ethernet, 3D, 4K video and Audio Return Channel (ARC)
Connects Blu-ray players, Fire TV, Apple TV, PS4, PS3, XBox one, Xbox 360, computers, and other HDMI-enabled devices to TVs, displays, A/V receivers, and more
Cable allows you to share an Internet connection among multiple devices without the need for a separate Ethernet cable
Meets the latest HDMI standards (4K Video at 60 Hz, 2160p, 48 bit/px color depth); supports bandwidth up to 18Gbps; backwards compatible with earlier versions
Cable Length: 6 feet (1.8 meters) - 3 units; Backed by AmazonBasics Lifetime warranty

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Nice one thanks

  • Bought

    • +1

      must be good then. Science!

  • I received mine in the post this week, hopefully they are decent quality but I always worry about items this cheap and how it’s possible to make them this cheap whilst doing what they say..

    • +3

      i have a few of these around . they are decent and have had no problems and its backed by Amazon warranty. Any issues can send them straight back.

      • +1 I've used mine for 6+ months and never had an issue, I also move it pretty much daily so it has wear and tear. Happy with the purchase.

      • +3

        Can you confirm if they can properly transmit 4k 60fps?

    • HDMI cable should be cheap indeed.

  • Thanks, good to have some spares

  • +1

    finally can take out the forward button from my remote controller!

  • -1

    How far is 1.8m?

    • +20

      A little bit less than 1.9m..

    • +5

      180 cm

    • +4

      As far as a tallish person lying down.

      • +1

        Or standing up!

    • +4

      0.00895 furlong

    • +12

      0.00000000000000019026 light years.

      • -5

        Light year

    • About this far.

  • Got some, thanks. Showing 'Temporarily out of stock', but can still buy

    • +1

      "Probably" don't need one. But at $2.40 a cable it's a good price to buy. Went crazy trying to fix my home theatre system cause it was using a hdmi cable without arc that I bought in 2014.

      • +4

        The last time I needed one in a hurry had to pay like $15 at officeworks, was a feelsbadman moment. Rather have spares than none lol.

      • The cables need to be arc compliant too? Is that what I've been doing wrong?

        • +2

          Generally all cables past 1.4 can do arc and cec. Some are just really old versions and can't. If it's labelled "with Ethernet" or "high speed" or "ultra high speed" it can do arc generally.

  • With HDMI 2.1 out now, are these on clearance?

            • +2

              @MilkDrinker: 8K video or broadcasting still faraway from us, let me say 5 years to go at least, more likely 10 years to go.

  • +4

    Not a better deal but FYI in a pinch Officeworks have their “home brand” Keji HDMI cables hidden down the bottom of the shelves below the overpriced crap. 1.5m for $3.98, 5m for $8.88. Has saved me a few times when in desperate need for a decent price.

    • +4

      Is that price for 3 cables as well?

      • No, single cable, hence me saying not a better deal.

  • Ordered. Thanks OP.

  • Thanks OP

  • Good price at roughly $2.40 a cable and delivery is included.

    I paid twice as much and delivery on top of that.

    Feels bad man.

  • Done, thanks.

  • What's Courtesy Credit? I had $5 off for this purchase

    • +1

      Might have been for a previously delayed purchase or something. I had something similar a while ago, went to buy an item and randomly got like $5 off and I had no idea why. I don't think Amazon is good at communicating about their assorted credits but it makes for a nice surprise when you get it.

      • That makes sense

  • Has anyone had any issues with HDR using these cables?

      • +3

        That doesn't really answer my question. I've had issues with HDR not working properly on some older HDMI cables before. HDR will probably work just fine with these cables but there's always the possibility that it won't. Just after confirmation from people who already own them that's all.

        • normal 4K p60 HDMI cable can do that… difference is the quality of cable

  • I was told to buy "premium" labelled HDMI cables for my Hisense P7 and Yamaha sound bar. If not, there will be a millisecond sound delay from the TV to the sound bar. Not sure if this is true or not.

    • +4

      Did the rep from Monster cables tell you that?

      • Actually JB hifi

        • +5

          So yes a Monster cable rep told you.

          • @Clear: same thing goes uncle Gerry's minion salemen

    • +1

      The margin on cables is over 100% JB will make a slim margin on the AV equipment to flog you one.

    • +1

      I googled and found this:


      The 'premium' label just means that the cable has been tested. It sounds like a marketing ploy…

      Nowadays, it's easy to call people out for their BS, as you've literally got the internet on your fingertips - just whip out your phone and search right in front of them and see how they react. :)

    • -2

      Of course you need a premium cable for your budget TV.

      • +1

        On a low income it's a premium TV.

    • The difference between you seeing pictures on TV (light speed) and hearing sounds from TV (sound speed) is already about 10ms if you sit 3m away from TV.
      Can you feel that? If not, why bother another 1ms.

    • I have a Hisense P7 with a Samsung sound bar, with an old budget hdmi cable. Can confirm I definitely get a minor sound delay. It's not much but you can tell the lip sync is just slightly off. I've tried playing with all the settings and can't seem to fix it. The only thing left to try is the hdmi cable, so I've bought this deal and hoping it fixes it!!

  • -1

    Anyone got suggestions for full speed 5m hdmi 2.1 cables?

    • -2

      Try monster cables

  • So its been about 2 weeks now since the back order has started. Does anyone know how long it takes for amazon to get fresh stock?

  • Over 1 month later my cable still hasn't shipped

    • Mine either. Still on backorder I'd say.

    • Ditto

      • Just got an email saying they are still trying to fulfill my back order.

        • They are very trying

  • Still waiting….

  • By the time these come out, hdmi will be a legacy product

    Interestingly the 1.8m single pack is available at a cost of $20, but the 3 pack 1.8m is still not available.

    I'm going to contact live chat…
    edit: pre-canned response. just saying backorder/wait.
    edit2: they gave me a $10 free amazon credit without even asking in the end, woohoo

    • Did you have to cancel the order for the $10 credit?

      • no

        • I just got offered to purchase another similar item and they would refund me the difference.

  • Just complained about how long this was taking and got offered a $10 credit as well.

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