expired Free No-Show Socks (Black/ White) C&C using $10 Voucher via App @ Glue Store


So recently there was a deal posted that if you download the glue store app, you get $10. Obviously I wanted to see what I can get for free. Considering the fact that The glue store sells mostly expensive brands I was for the hunt to get something for less than $10. It wasn’t easy since they don’t have filter from low to high. Anyways I finally found these socks for $4.99. If you get two of them that will be 9.98. Use your reward and that will bring it down to $0. Use click and collect to make it completely free. No payment method will be required from you.
Again credits to my daughter for doing all the hard work :)
Enjoy your freebie!

Original link for the $10 voucher that was posted by ahamburger

Proof of transaction

When it says check your address, just ignore it and press continue. It will still let u check out. Just placed an order on my daughters phone.

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